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Clarity Software Solutions

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Company summary

Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. helps clients optimize customer relationships-and save time and money-by enhancing flexibility and control over document management and communications delivery. Based in Guilford, Connecticut, Clarity serves numerous health plans around the country and across all product lines (Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare). In the past three years Clarity has implemented over 50 regional and national health plan programs to support communications such as ID cards, Member Kits, EOBs, SBCs and other materials. Our custom solution is built within secure web-based technology, is easy to use and allows a single communication to be published to any media type - print, web, mobile or email. Cutting-edge solutions, today and tomorrow - Innovation is part of Clarity's DNA. Our solution was developed by a team of experienced industry professionals with a vision for how member communications could be done better. Flexibility, configurability and scalability are fundamental characteristics of our web-based application. Clients can always be assured of working with the most forward-leaning tools, designed to leverage the latest in technology and meet evolving business needs.
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Key people

  • Sean Rotermund

    Sean Rotermund, Founder and Vice Chairman

  • Stephen Mongelli

    Stephen Mongelli, President and CEO

  • Brian Higgins
  • Sarah Soderman

    Sarah Soderman, Chief Financial Officer

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  • Madison, CT HQ

    United States

    92 Wall St #1

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