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Wheelbase Engineering Ltd is a long established family company that in the early days did exactly that, modify or ‘re-engineer’ the wheelbase’s of truck chassis’. At that time, by today’s standards chassis’ were relatively crude in their construction with low level technology, however legislation is ever present and operators were forced to modify chassis’ to comply with increasing demands. Over the intervening years chassis’ have developed at such a rate that they are scarcely comparable with those of just a few years ago let alone decades, now sporting high levels of sophistication in every aspect of their design, which has created need for the likes of Wheelbase Engineering Ltd whom have grown up in parallel with the truck manufacturers and are capable of offering the same service levels to ever more demanding customers purchasing chassis from a world market dominated by Europe and the Far East.
Darwen, GB
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Wheelbase Engineering is headquartered in Darwen, GB

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Darwen, GB

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