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WaferGen Bio-systems, Inc. is a biotechnology company that offers innovative genomic technology solutions for single-cell analysis and clinical research. The ICELL8TM Single-Cell System is a revolutionary platform which can isolate thousands of single cells and processes specific cells for analysis, including Next Generation Sequencing. The system has demonstrated unbiased isolation of up to 1,800 single cells ranging from 5-100 µm in size on a single chip, including single cells from solid tumors, brain cells, pulmonary airway cells, and multiple cell lines. The SmartChipTM platform can be used for profiling and validating molecular biomarkers, and can perform massively-parallel single-plex PCR for one-step target enrichment and library preparation for clinical NGS. The Apollo 324TM system can be used to process DNA and RNA from clinical samples to next generation sequencing ready libraries. These technologies offer a powerful set of tools for biological analysis at the molecular and single-cell level in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and clinical laboratory industries.
Fremont, US
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WaferGen Biosystems was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Fremont, US

Key People at WaferGen Biosystems

Ivan Trifunovich

Ivan Trifunovich

President & CEO
John Harland

John Harland

Jude Dunne

Jude Dunne

Vice President

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Fremont, US
Luxembourg, LU

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