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Vattenfall key operating metrics including Electricity Sold (Resellers, Customers and Solutions), TWh, environmental, social and governance score (ESG), and technology stack.

Electricity Sold (Resellers, Customers and Solutions), TWh


Q3, 2021

Installed Capacity Electricity (Hydro Power), MW


FY, 2020

Electricity Sold (Business Customers, Heat), TWh


Q3, 2021

Operating Metrics

MetricsFY, 2018FY, 2019FY, 2020
Electricity Sold (Resellers, Customers and Solutions), TWh4.96.58
Installed Capacity Electricity (Hydro Power), MW11.7K11.7K11.5K
Electricity Sold (Business Customers, Heat), TWh1.11.21.2
Electricity Generated (Heat), TWh3231.523
Electricity Sold (Wind), TWh1.11.31.2
Gas Sold (Power Generation), TWh1.754.7
Gas Sold, TWh57.259.256.8
Heat Sold, TWh18.317.113.8
Electricity Sold (Customer Sales), TWh119.2119118.2
Electricity Sold, TWh174.1169.4164.1
Electricity Generated, TWh130.3130.2112.8
Electricity Sold (Power Generation), TWh28.72720
Electricity Generated (Nuclear, Power Generation), TWh5553.339.3
Electricity Generated (Hydro, Power Generation), TWh35.535.739.7
Electricity Generated (Power Generation), TWh90.58979
Gas Sold (Customers and Solutions), TWh55.554.252.1
Electricity Generated (Biomass and Waste, Heat), TWh0.40.40.3
Electricity Generated (Fossil-based Power, Heat), TWh31.631.122.7
Electricity Generated (Wind), TWh7.89.710.8
Electricity Sold (Business Customers, Power Generation), TWh4.14.22.1
Electricity Sold (Resellers, Power Generation), TWh24.622.817.9
Customers (Electricity)6.6M6.9M6.8M
Electricity Sold (Customers and Solutions), TWh88.389.595.8
Electricity Sold (Business Customers), TWh565561.5
Transited Volume, TWh86.185.182.6
Customers (Network)3.3M3.3M3.3M
Installed Capacity Heat, MW11.3K8.9K9.5K
Installed Capacity Electricity, MW31.1K30.5K29.3K
Installed Capacity Electricity (Solar Power), MW172928
Installed Capacity Electricity (Biomas, Peat and Waste), MW236235243
Installed Capacity Electricity (Wind Power), MW2.6K3K3.3K
Installed Capacity Electricity (Oil and Other), MW1.2K708710
Installed Capacity Electricity (Hard Coal), MW3.5K2.9K2.3K
Installed Capacity Electricity (Gas), MW4.6K4.7K5K
Installed Capacity Electricity (Fossil-based Power), MW9.4K8.4K8K
Installed Capacity Electricity (Nuclear Power), MW7.2K7.2K6.3K
Customers (Gas)2.3M2.5M2.3M
Length of Distribution Networks, km169.8K170.2K171.8K
Electricity Sold (Private Customers, Customers and Solutions), TWh27.42826.3

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)


60-79 out of 100





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Technology Stack

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