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Twitch key operating metrics including Monthly Visitors, and technology stack.

Monthly Visitors


Jan, 2015

Average Monthly Active Broadcasters


Y, 2018

Daily Video Watch Time per Person, minutes


Sep, 2017

Operating Metrics

MetricsY, 2014Y, 2015Y, 2016Y, 2017Y, 2018
Monthly Visitors100M
Average Monthly Active Broadcasters1.5M2.2M2M2.2M
Partner Program Members10K13.5K27K
Monthly Video Watch Time, minutes16B
Peak Concurrent Users1M2.1M
Videos Broadcasted per Month11M
Minutes Streamed241.4B292B355B560B
Monthly Video Watch Time per Person, minutes421.6
Messages Sent9.2B14.2B
Average Concurrent Viewers550K747.6K1.1M
Peak Concurrent Broadcasters35.6K
Peak Monthly Broadcasters2.1M
Mobile Downloads1M
Daily Active Users15M15M
Affiliate Streamers150K
Monthly Broadcasters2M3.4M
Average Concurrent Channels24.7K41.1K

Technology Stack

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