Trulia is an online real estate platform providing information on properties and real estate professionals for home buyers, sellers, owners, and renters. Trulia has enabled its users to get information about the areas that people want to live and they can also learn about agents, neighbors, schools, crime, commute times, and ask the local community questions. Through Trulia’s hyper local advertising services, social recommendations, and mobile real estate applications, real estate professionals can connect with millions of transaction-ready buyers and sellers each month. As of December, 2013, it had approximately 437,000 active real estate professionals in its Trulia marketplace and 157,000 active real estate professionals using its Market Leader software and services. Trulia was established in 2004 by Pete Flint and Sami Inkinen. It is headquartered in San Francisco, C.A. with offices in Bellevue, Denver, and New York.

Trulia was acquired by Zillow in June 2014 for $3.5B in a stock-for-stock transaction.

Parent Company
San Francisco, US
Trulia was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in San Francisco, US

Key People at Trulia

Paul Levine

Paul Levine

Jeff McConathy

Jeff McConathy

Vice President of Engineering
Lynnette Bruno

Lynnette Bruno

Vice President of Communications
Jonathan McNulty

Jonathan McNulty

Vice President of Product & Growth
Deep Varma

Deep Varma

Vice President of Data Engineering

Trulia Office Locations

Trulia has offices in San Francisco, Denver
San Francisco, US
Denver, US

Trulia Metrics

Trulia Summary

Trulia is a subsidiary of Zillow

Trulia Financials

We estimate that Trulia's revenue is $251.9 m in 2014 which is a 75.8% increase from the previous period.
Y, 2009Y, 2010Y, 2011Y, 2012Y, 2013Y, 2014


$10.3 m$19.8 m$38.5 m$68.1 m$143.3 m$251.9 m

Revenue growth, %


Cost of goods sold

$2.9 m$3.7 m$5.8 m$10 m$23.1 m$43.8 m

Gross profit

$7.5 m$16.1 m$32.7 m$58.1 m$120.2 m$208.1 m

Gross profit Margin, %


Sales and marketing expense

$5.5 m$8.6 m$17.7 m$33.7 m$71.4 m$144.2 m

R&D expense

$7.1 m$8.8 m$14.7 m$20.2 m$34.6 m$57.6 m

General and administrative expense

$1.9 m$2.5 m$6.1 m$13.7 m$32.7 m$50 m

Operating expense total

$14.5 m$19.9 m$38.5 m$67.6 m$138.7 m$251.8 m

Net Income

($7 m)($3.8 m)($6.2 m)($10.9 m)($17.8 m)($75.8 m)
  • Source: Company Filings

Trulia Operating Metrics

Y, 2009Y, 2010Y, 2011Y, 2012Y, 2013Y, 2014

Average Annual Revenue per Subscriber

$564$960$1.3 k$1.9 k$2.3 k$2.5 k


4.7 k10.1 k16.8 k24.4 k59.7 k79.3 k

Monthly Active Users

5.2 m7.9 m14.8 m23.1 m38.8 m48 m

Mobile Monthly Active Users

30 k484 k2.1 m5.1 m14.3 m23.7 m

Display Revenue per Unique


Monthly ARPU per Subscriber



110 m113 m114 m
  • Source: News articles

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