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Order Book


FY, 2020

Order Book (Generation)


FY, 2020

Order Book (Distribution)


FY, 2020

Operating Metrics

MetricsFY, 2018FY, 2019FY, 2020
Order Book₹20.3B₹15.8B₹22.7B
Order Book (Generation)₹550.0M₹165.0M₹3.2B
Order Book (Distribution)₹4.0B₹2.4B₹5.9B
Order Book (Transmission)₹15.8B₹13.2B₹13.6B
Projects Completed to Date350375400
Order Book (Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherka)₹2.0B
Order Book (Kerala State Electricity Board)₹1.0B
Order Book (Damodar Valley Corporation)₹3.1B
Order Book (WRSS XXI (A) Transco Ltd)₹1.1B
Order Book (Other)₹4.1B
Order Book (REC Power Distribution Co. Ltd)₹4.8B
Order Book (Rampur Sambhai Transco Ltd)₹2.5B
Order Book (Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Co. Ltd)₹1.1B
Order Book (Power Grid Corporation of India)₹3.0B

Environmental, social and governance (ESG)


50-59 out of 100





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