We repair all devices and deliver a neutral technical competence. We accompany users of these devices without taking part. Technology and innovation are changing the way we live. This mutation's highest benefit will be a massive gain of productivity, thanks to the numerous small connected devices we will use. There will be 80 Billion consumer electronics by 2020. So we don't contemplate our customer's traction as an opportunity or something ephemeral. There will be a kingdom for after brake and after use life of devices. We plan to own it. We train savers who understand their mission as resolving a user problem. Ambition is not an option in our organization. Our battle is to take pride in our leadership everywhere we are fighting. We make difference because we care about the details. We are empowered to provide the best experience to our customers. Companies are founded and written by humans, that's why we care about our people and optimize their learning curve. We are a benevolent population forming a group welded by purpose. Welcome to our unbreakable brotherhood.

Save was acquired by Remade Group on April 7, 2017.

Puteaux, FR
Save was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Puteaux, FR

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Save has an office in Puteaux
Puteaux, FR (HQ)
49 Rue Jean Jaurès

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$16.7 m


In total, Save had raised $16.7 m

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Hero worker saves kangaroo stuck in a trench

Sometimes you need a hero. Like Fritz White from Goondiwindi, Australia, who helped fetch this poor kangaroo that was stuck down a trench, according to The Chronicle. White was at work when he spotted the roo lying face up in the hole, so decided to give it a hand by lifting the animal out b…

A wristband with your medical records could be a life-saver in emergencies

No one ever wants to imagine getting caught in some sort of emergency situation. But, if the unfortunate event occurs, we all want the best care possible. That includes medical professionals working as quickly as possible to figure out what's wrong and help you. WRIXO, a cloud-based medical wris…

Badass mama elk saves her young from a bear

Do not mess around when momma is nearby. A visitor at the End of the World in the Coconino National Forest in Arizona got up close and personal with Mother Nature recently.  In the clip, a large female elk can be seen pacing near a young bear in a wooded area just off the road. A young anima…

Weed saves the day in this clutch 'Destiny' Trials win

Most pot smokers would agree: weed and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly (and banana slices, and an ice cold glass of milk, and M&Ms, and maybe some Funyons, too). You can definitely get good without Mary Jane at your side, but would you believe that a few tokes might make…

Young fan saves the day during intense college basketball game

We've got a new sports hero on our hands that will could join the same ranks as Ali, Ruth, Robinson and DiMaggio. After the ball was knocked over the backboard and got stuck behind the rim at a Fresno State- Boise State basketball game, this young kid saved the day when he was hoisted onto t…

High quality toilet paper saves dude from a nightmare

Don't buy the crappy toilet paper — your body deserves better. While most people purchase the good toilet paper to treat themselves to a bit of luxury, one pampered person discovered an unexpected benefit from upgrading their roll. He texted the whole story to his friend and later uploaded it to…
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