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RevLocal is a Digital Marketing Agency for local business. We are an industry leading provider of local search marketing solutions which include a customizable strategy to every SMB or Franchise relationship we have. These local marketing services include: Local SEO and listing optimization, mobile local RevSite, Reveal analytics dashboard, Renown review marketing, Paid advertising management, cross-platform Social media management and Content generation and distribution. What our customers love about RevLocal is the personal relationship that comes with every strategy. Our Digital Marketing Strategists work direct with the business to do the work for them and with them. This is why our results work. Our system is integrated with all the necessary search engines, apps, listings and current softwares so we are always current with the market. Couple the platform with an industry expert who works on behalf of our customers and you have a winning formula.
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  • Jack Shade

    Jack Shade, Senior Director of Sales Training and Development

    • Brenda Arnold

      Brenda Arnold, Senior Director of Innovation

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      • Granville, OH HQ

        United States

        4009 Columbus Rd

      • Addison, TX

        United States

        Addison, TX, USA

      • Albany, NY

        United States

        Albany, NY, USA

      • Allen, TX

        United States

        Allen, TX, USA

      • Alpharetta, GA

        United States

        Alpharetta, GA, USA

      • Amargosa Valley, NV

        United States

        Amargosa Valley, NV 89020, USA

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