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Princeton Identit solutions can help you seamlessly acquire, verify and manage identity information. Based on decades of biometrics expertise, we create and integrate versatile identification products that are easier to use, faster, more accurate and cost-efficient than any previous offerings. As organizations seek new ways to streamline security, optimize operations and control costs, SRI Identity products unlock new opportunities. Princeton Identity solutions deliver high-accuracy, non-contact identification with minimal user interaction—ideal for authentication in markets such as security, transportation, finance and healthcare. Princeton Identity solutions can be used to control both physical and logical access, offering a cost-competitive alternative to card readers. Because we make identity authentication fast and accurate, facilities can maintain high security without slowing things down. Princeton Identity authentication provides a convenient and reliable timekeeping method to automate payroll, eliminate errors and reduce costs. With a simple glance, workforce management becomes more efficient, reliable and protected against fraud. Princeton Identity authentication helps stop medical billing fraud early – before payments are made, money is lost, and medical records are corrupted with misinformation. Fast, hygienic identity confirmation is a powerful tool to protect patients, providers and payers from fraud.
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