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Porter Novelli is one of the world’s leading public relations agencies. With 90 offices in nearly 60 countries, Porter Novelli delivers best-in-class service to clients around the globe. As the agency that pioneered social marketing, Porter Novelli’s heritage is grounded in influence – motivating people to change deeply ingrained behaviors that are rooted in cultural and social norms. This is achieved by identifying and activating against key insights that drive transformational change-- going beyond just “solving a problem,” The result is greater than just influencing people – Porter Novelli makes them believe.
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Key People

  • Brad MacAfee

    Brad MacAfee, Chief Executive Officer

    • David Bentley, Chief Executive Officer

      • Patrick Resk

        Patrick Resk, Chief Financial Officer

      • Kate Cusick

        Kate Cusick, Chief Marketing Officer

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        • New York, NY HQ

          United States

          195 Broadway 17th floor

        • Atlanta, GA

          United States

          Atlanta, GA, USA

        • Boston, MA

          United States

          Boston, MA, USA

        • Chicago, IL

          United States

          Chicago, IL, USA

        • Irvine, CA

          United States

          Irvine, CA, USA

        • Los Angeles, CA

          United States

          Los Angeles, CA, USA

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