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NeuraLace Medical

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$2 M

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Company summary

NeuraLace Medical has developed a proprietary neuromodulation platform for direct and selective stimulation of sensory nerve fibers to manage neuropathic pain. The unique capability of the platform is its use of novel NeuraSense hardware architecture to monitor treatment performance with high-resolution data allowing for real-time co-optimization of the treatment hardware and algorithms to maximize the therapy for pain relief. NeuraLace is developing hardware to assist the communication between nerve cells by making an instantaneous prediction as to what the healthy code should be, and then firing off in that pattern, overwriting the signals for pain and restoring the balance which results in pain relief. The company constantly advancing Axon Therapy, from optimizing algorithms to hardware, to develop the most intelligent solution to deliver significant pain relief. Providing sustainable pain relief restores quality of life for patients, as well as improves other problems such as anxiety, depression, disturbed sleep and high prescription drug use.
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Key people

  • Sean Bartlett

    Sean Bartlett, Director of Therapy

  • Joe Milkovits

    Joe Milkovits, Chief Technical Officer

  • Robert Crousore

    Robert Crousore, Chief Commercial Officer

    • Mike Houlihan

      Mike Houlihan, Vice President of Finance

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      United States

      3770 Tansy St #101

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