Modumetal® is a new class of materials that represents a disruptive change in both the performance and manufacturing efficiency of advanced materials. Modumetal is addressing the limitations of current metals in corrosion, wear, fatigue and weight. The market for Modumetal materials exceeds $2 trillion worldwide. Modumetal is a layered alloy, similar in structure to plywood, but comprising layers that are on the order of nanometers in thickness. Modumetals are superior in mechanical, corrosion, wear and thermal performance, but are comparable in cost to conventional non-layered metals. Nanolayered alloys cannot be produced by conventional heat-based metallurgical processes. Modumetal is produced by a patented, sustainable manufacturing process that uses electricity as the direct input form of energy and enables the production of the nano-layered materials at an industrial scale and a competitive price. The Modumetal process represents a major shift in the way metals are manufactured. It affords inherent efficiencies in end part manufacturing and reduces demand for metal raw materials.

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Mark Silverman

Mark Silverman

Member of Board of Directors
Christina Lomasney

Christina Lomasney

President, CEO & Co-Founder
John Whitaker

John Whitaker

Chemical Engineer and Chief Scientist (co-founder

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