MOCON is the premier provider and innovator of solutions to a broad range of industries assessing materials and package performance, integrity . We offer both services and instrument based solutions and provide answers for production, R & D, QC, sustainability and validation.Packaging Consulting Services: Specific areas of consultation, and contract services in the following areas: Advanced Packaging Solutions, barrier assessment, package integrity, seal integrity, seal strength, leak detection, shelf-life, process gas analysis and control, package gas analysis, and process gas purity. Laboratory Testing Services: Our world wide Laboratory Testing Services offer tests to assess the physical, mechanical and material properties of a primary package. Our services can test a single package or the entire test regimen of a QC lab. Our specialist lab identifies odor, off-odor and aroma characterization in both R & D and crises situations. Scientific Instruments: Our bench-top and hand-held instruments measure the gas & vapor barrier (permeation), sealing, friction and tensile strength of films, the atmosphere of gases in packages (headspace and leak detection) and packaging lines (In-line), strength and peel force of seams and seals and the hermetic qualities of the entire package.
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