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Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works key operating metrics including Finished Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes, environmental, and social and governance score (ESG).

Finished Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes


Q3, 2019

Average Price per Tonne, Band Products


Q3, 2019

Coking Coal Concentrate Produced (MMK Coal), tonnes


Q3, 2019

Operating Metrics

MetricsFY, 2016FY, 2017FY, 2018
Finished Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes11.5M11.6M11.7M
Average Price per Tonne, Band Products$510.0$669.0$665.0
Coking Coal Concentrate Produced (MMK Coal), tonnes2.9M2.7M3M
Purchased Coal Processed (MMK Coal), tonnes1.3M1.4M660K
Mined Coal Processed (MMK Coal), tonnes3.6M3.5M5M
Coking Coal Processed (MMK Coal), tonnes5M4.9M5.6M
Coking Coal Produced (MMK Coal), tonnes3.4M3.6M4.9M
Finished Products from MMK Steel Sold (MMK Metalurji), tonnes615K640K513K
Polymer-coated Steel Products Sold (MMK Metalurji), tonnes209K182K158K
Galvanised Steel Products Sold (MMK Metalurji), tonnes511K580K566K
HVA Products Sold (MMK Metalurji), tonnes720K762K724K
Flat Hot-rolled Products Sold (MMK Metalurji), tonnes134K164K42K
Finished Products Sold (MMK Metalurji), tonnes854K925K767K
Average Price per Tonne, Pipes$454.0$614.0$623.0
Average Price per Tonne, Formed Section Products$599.0$777.0$809.0
Average Price per Tonne, Polymer-coated Steel Products$800.0$928.0$983.0
Average Price per Tonne, Galvanised Steel Products$604.0$739.0$784.0
Average Price per Tonne, Tin Plate Products$791.0$855.0$803.0
Average Price per Tonne, Downstream Products$643.0$781.0$806.0
Average Price per Tonne, Flat Cold-rolled Products$435.0$579.0$621.0
Average Price per Tonne, Thick Plate Products$611.0$765.0$744.0
Downstream Products Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes1.9M2M2.1M
Flat Cold-rolled Products Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes1.5M1.3M1.4M
Thick Plate Products Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes823K820K828K
HVA Products Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes4.2M4.1M4.4M
Flat Hot-rolled Products Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes5.3M5.4M5.2M
Long Products Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes1.7M1.8M1.8M
Finished Products Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes11.3M11.3M11.4M
Crude Steel Produced (PSJC MMK), tonnes12.5M12.9M12.7M
Pig Iron Produced (PSJC MMK), tonnes9.7M10.2M9.9M
Iron Ore Produced (MMK Group), tonnes3.3M3.3M3.2M
Coal Concentrate Produced (MMK Group), tonnes2.9M2.7M3M
HVA Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes5.2M5.3M5.4M
Other Metal Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes70K74K81K
Metalware Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes383K402K409K
Pipes Sold (MMK Group), tonnes78K65K63K
Formed Section Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes41K114K169K
Band Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes128K128K143K
Polymer-coated Steel Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes534K623K697K
Galvanised Steel Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes1.6M1.7M1.7M
Tin Plate Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes137K113K133K
Average Price per Tonne, HVA Products$564.0$714.0$734.0
Average Price per Tonne, Flat Hot-rolled Products$358.0$496.0$555.0
Average Price per Tonne, Long Products$352.0$491.0$541.0
Average Price per Tonne$432.0$575.0$621.0
Finished Products Shipped (Export), tonnes3.1M2.8M2.4M
Finished Products Shipped (Russia and the CIS), tonnes8.2M8.5M9M
Pipes Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes82K65K73K
Formed Section Products Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes50K123K168K
Band Products Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes124K127K139K
Polymer-coated Steel Products Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes360K440K339K
Galvanised Steel Products Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes1.1M1.1M1.3M
Tin Plate Products Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes140K117K133K
Downstream Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes3M3.2M3.4M
Flat Cold-rolled Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes1.4M1.3M1.2M
Thick Plate Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes799K806K779K
Flat Hot-rolled Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes4.9M5M4.8M
Long Products Sold (MMK Group), tonnes1.3M1.4M1.4M
Slabs and Billets Sold (PSJC MMK), tonnes104K4K
Slabs and Billets Sold (MMK Group), tonnes104K4K
Toll Processed (MMK Coal), tonnes17K
Galvanised Steel with Decorative Coating Products Sold (Lysvensky Metallurgical Plant), tonnes12K
Galvanised Steel with Polymer Coating Products Sold (Lysvensky Metallurgical Plant), tonnes230K
Electro-galvanised Steel Products Sold (Lysvensky Metallurgical Plant), tonnes6K
Finished Products Sold (Lysvensky Metallurgical Plant), tonnes249K

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)


50-59 out of 100





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