Circular economy can be a reality - for the good of all.
A sustainable upcycling

Trash is not necessarily something to get rid of at a high cost for environmenent. The growing reservoir of 50 years of trash or more is a resource for the future. Miniwiz ensures that recycling is done in the most sustainable manner and develops a new generation of materials with improved quality, performances and aesthetics. Make waste a desirable resource, sexify trash, is our first goal.

Engineering for performance: Design must evolve. The material selection for a product has to come before the first burst of design, so to respect the 3 core concetps of Miniwiz:

REuse: 100% recycled material only shall compose the product
REduce: minimize the quantity of material needed in products thanks to a particular approach of structures.
REcycle: after usage, products must be re-recycled, which is done in a more sustainable way when a single material is used for its conception.

Areas of work:
- 100% recycled material development (with possible customisation)
- Sustainable products & packaging design / industrial design with recycled materials
- Interior design with recycled materials
- Green building architecture & construction with recycled materials
- Recycling process engineering
Da’an District, TW
30 (est)+12%
Miniwiz is headquartered in Da’an District, TW

Key People at Miniwiz

Arthur Huang

Arthur Huang

Founder / CEO
Thomas Biguet

Thomas Biguet

Marketing Director

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Da’an District, TW

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