Magillem is both an enabler and a witness of the adoption of XML standards and their gaining momentum in the industry. How do architects, designers, verification engineers, software developers, technical writers and all contributors of a system keep synchronized all together? Playing together in synch is a matter of collaborating and linking information following the right method. Magillem’s revolutionary vision is to provide common data models for everyone to work on and ensure coherency with a Hub of Links connecting together eclectic sources of information. This is a non-destructive approach to existing data bases and CAD tools. With Magillem’s vision, impacts along the entire flow are identified and assessed through the life cycle of the project. With over a decade of experience improving design methodology and strong of a powerful data model based on an IEEE industry standard, Magillem is well positioned to deploy its ISDD vision for enhancing the entire project’s life cycle, – a vision for an Integrated Specification, Design and Documentation process.
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