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Legal Analytics for Winning IP Strategy
We mine litigation data, revealing insights never before available about judges, lawyers, parties, and patents, culled from millions of pages of IP litigation information. 
We call these insights Legal Analytics, because analytics involves the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. 
Our customers use Legal Analytics to win in the highly competitive business and practice of law. 
Corporate counsel use Lex Machina to select and manage outside counsel, increase IP value and income, protect company assets, and compare performance with competitors. 
Law firm attorneys and their staff use Lex Machina to pitch and land new clients, win IP lawsuits, close transactions, and prosecute new patents. 
Legal Analytics represents a paradigm shift for lawyers. 
For the first time, lawyers can combine insights gleaned from bottom-up data with traditional top-down controlling authority found in statutes, rules and court opinions. It’s new, it’s unorthodox and it’s extremely valuable. 
But Legal Analytics also brings lawyering back to its roots. 
It provides lawyers with facts on which to base opinions – the core element of good lawyering. Objective data replaces subjective “anec-data.”
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Lex Machina has an office in Menlo Park
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The surprising rise of China as IP powerhouse

 Given China’s determination to advance its IP systems and stature, China may well eclipse U.S. and Europe as the global center for intellectual property in just a few decades. This radical paradigm shift should be of utmost importance to Silicon Valley, particularly companies whose models and profi…

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A 19-year-old made a free robot lawyer that helps the homeless get housing

For the homeless, applying for government housing can be a complicated process. Even if they do everything right, housing is not guaranteed. They need a strong case. Depending on the case and lawyer, legal aid for a government housing application (a legal process where lawy…

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