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Jukedeck financials data including stock price, CreditSafe score, and balance sheet.

CreditSafe Score

Score changed on May 18, 2024
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View 30+ financial ratio metrics including price-to-earnings ratio, debt-to-assets ratio, gross profit margin, and more.
Financial ratio metrics help evaluate the financial strength of a company, and help raise red flags that can indicate potential risk, fulfillment challenges, or even possible bankruptcy.
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Financial Statements

GBPFY, 2013FY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017FY, 2018
Accounts Receivable330.01.4K73.5K
Current Assets19.4K20.9K342.3K1.8M741.3K462.1K
Total Assets19.4K20.9K352.1K1.8M780.0K511.9K
Accounts Payable5.0K3.2K28.8K1.4K3.2K35.8K
Current Liabilities5.0K3.2K28.8K8.5K35.3K799.7K
Total Liabilities5.0K3.2K28.8K8.5K35.3K799.7K
Common Stock11.
Retained Earnings(48.0K)(106.1K)(287.5K)(807.7K)(1.8M)(2.9M)
Total Equity14.5K17.7K323.3K1.8M744.6K(287.7K)
Financial Leverage1.31.21.111-1.8

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