$1.5 B

FY, 2021

Market Capitalization

$2.2 B


Innospec Summary

Company summary

Innospec Inc. (formerly known as Octel Corporation and Associated Octel Company, Ltd.) is a global specialty chemical company. The Company comprises of three business units: Fuel Specialties, responsible for the development and supply of additives for fuels and which also includes the company's activities in its Oilfield Chemicals division, Performance Chemicals, which focuses on products for the Personal Care industry and also provides products for the Polymers markets, and Octane Additives, which is the producer of tetraethyllead (TEL) used in the manufacture of motor gasoline. Innospec markets detergents, cold flow improvers, lubricity improvers, corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, cetane improvers, TEL, and a range of other chemicals as fuel additives. The Oilfield Services division provides products and services for drilling, fracturing & stimulation and production operations to customers in the oil and gas industry. In Personal Care, the company makes a range of high-performance surfactants, emollients and silicone formulations.
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Key people

  • Milton C Blackmore

    Milton C Blackmore, Chairman of the Board

    • Patrick S. Williams

      Patrick S. Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer

    • David Landless

      David Landless, Chairman of the Audit Committee

      • Trey Griffin

        Trey Griffin, Senior Vice President Human Resources

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        • Englewood, CO HQ

          United States

          8310 S Valley Hwy #350

        • Ellesmere Port, England

          United Kingdom

          Oil Sites Rd

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