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Incoming Media delivers great mobile video experiences by intelligently pre-positioning video content onto mobile devices. Mobile is the future of video, but it is broken. Today, mobile video experiences are quite frustrating. First, it takes a long time to find a video to watch and then once a viewer chooses a video, it takes a long time to start. Once it starts, it re-buffers and stalls, is not consistent HD quality, and uses up lots of expensive mobile data resulting in a high mobile data bill at the end of the month. All this leads to frustrating experiences, lost customers, and lost revenue. The problem is that today’s Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) with big servers scattered in data networks don’t work for mobile video. They are on the wrong side of the bottleneck and rely on streaming. Incoming solves mobile video by turning the notion of the Content Distribution Network on its head and turns the billions of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and phablets) into an integral part of the CDN. Incoming does this by uniquely combining the disciplines of data science, machine learning, and data networking to intelligently pre-position video content onto mobile devices ahead of time before viewers watch it at zero to near-zero mobile data cost to the viewer.
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Menlo Park, US
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10 (est)
Incoming Media was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Menlo Park, US

Key People at Incoming Media

Adam S. Tom

Adam S. Tom

David McKeague

David McKeague

VP Business Development
Bob Hitching

Bob Hitching

VP Product and Engineering

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Incoming Media has offices in Menlo Park, Santa Clara, Eveleigh
Menlo Park, US
Eveleigh, AU
Santa Clara, US

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We estimate that Incoming Media's current employees are approximately 9% female and 91% male.

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