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IDG Capital, previously known as IDG Capital Partners, represents private equity and venture capital fund managers,  investment advisors and other business entities. Focusing on Chinese technology investments since the early 1990s, we were the first firm to bring foreign venture capital into China.

Over the past two decades, we have supported many exceptional entrepreneurs who have gone on to build some of the world's leading technology companies. In the process, we developed an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market and established close partnerships with many of today's most influential business leaders.

Beijing, CN
IDG Capital was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Beijing, CN

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IDG Capital has an office in Beijing

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Xiaomi secures $1 billion loan from 18 banks to drive its global retail efforts

Xiaomi, through its subsidiary Xiaomi H.K. Ltd, announced it has raised $1 billion in debt financing from 18 banks across Europe, the Middle East, India, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, with Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley coordinating the three-year loan arrangement. The Chinese tech giant, a popula…

Silk Ventures launches $500 million inaugural fund for U.S and EU companies expanding to China

Silk Ventures, a venture capital firm headquartered in London, with additional hubs in Menlo Park, Beijing, and Shenzen, has closed its inaugural investment fund at $500 million, targeting later-stage technology companies looking to expand into China. With a specific focus on so-called “scale-up” fi…

The Beauty Tech Market Map: 70+ Startups Attacking Beauty & Grooming

Deals to beauty & grooming startups jumped in Q1’17, and investors and corporate leaders are getting more active in the startup space. L’Oreal partnered with Founders Fund to support early-stage startups, for example, while Sequoia made its first-ever investment into … Continued

Emerging AI: 7 Industries Including Law, HR, Travel And Media Where AI Is Making An Impact

Artificial Intelligence is being hailed as the new linchpin of the tech industry. Although machine learning algorithms have been around for decades, the advances in hardware processing capabilities and access to big data have ushered in a new era of … Continued

Cheetah Mobile’s streaming service raises $60M from Chinese investors

 Cheetah Mobile, the Chinese firm that specializes in utility apps for smartphones, has enlisted the help of outside investors for its live-streaming service. Cheetah announced this week that its one-year-old service has pulled in $60 million from a range of China-based investors that includ…

A Wealth Tech World: Mapping Robo-Advisors Around The Globe

Check out even more content at Future of Fintech 2017. Use code “FoFInsights” to get $1000 off your ticket. Since 2012, private robo-advisors have raised over $1.32B globally across 119 equity investments. Robo-advisors make up the largest sub-category of companies in … Continued
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