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Company summary

Golden Seeds is a venture capital firm specializing in start-up, early stage, and growth capital investments. The firm does not invest in ventures with a large real estate component, television or radio programs, film, theater or art productions, and companies domiciled outside of the United States. The firm primarily focuses on consumer products, software, Internet, B2B & B2C technology, healthcare, consumer products industries and life sciences companies. The firm typically invests between $1 million and $5 million per round in companies with valuation less than $5 million. The firm seeks to invest in consumer products companies with revenue over $1000000 with gross margin over 40%. It will invest in only women-owned and women-led companies with a woman as a founder and/or a woman in a C--Level position with a significant equity ownership. The firm seeks to invest in companies which have at least one or two paying clients and their product is in beta (versus alpha) stage of development and has been developed with input from clients or potential clients. It prefers for companies to have already secured an investment from a local angel group or venture capital firm when they are applying from outside the New England or Mid Atlantic regions. The firm seeks to invest in companies that are C-corporation or willing to convert into the same. It may co-invest alongside other investors. The firm exit its investment within five to seven years.
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Key people

  • Loretta McCarthy

    Loretta McCarthy, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner

  • Barbara Raho

    Barbara Raho, Investor and Managing Director

  • Peggy Wallace
  • Eric Nadler

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  • New York, NY HQ

    United States

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