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General Magic. As a spin-off from ROUTE 66, creator of the first offline mobile navigation software in the world, General Magic has been working with a small and experienced team to create technologies that surprise and put a smile on your face because of their beauty and elegance. Technologies that make Open Data accessible to everyone.

Our search for a brand name that reflects our ambition to make magical software has led us to General Magic - one of the most impressive start-ups in Silicon Valley, an Apple spin-off. Its partners include some of the biggest players in the worlds of computing, communications, and consumer electronics, and it's loaded with top-notch engineers who have been given a clean slate to reinvent traditional approaches to ubiquitous worldwide communications. Our legacy is given by people that created QuickDraw and HyperCard, the Macintosh and the design of circles in Google+, the iPod, Android OS, Nest thermostat, Safari Web browser and many more.

So it is with pride and a feeling of respect to the best in the business that we present ourselves to the world with a new but renowned and illustrious brand. We are the new General Magic.

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