Fermentalg is a new innovative company based in the Gironde region, which aims to become the leader in the production of micro-algae for the agrifood, healthcare and energy markets.Fermentalg offers an alternative and sustainable solution to the gradual depletion of two key resources: wild fish and petroleum.
A cleantech that is entirely in phase with today’s industries
Our groundbreaking technology optimizes the industrial exploitation of the exceptional properties that are found in microalgae to produce molecules of interest such as the Omega 3 fatty acids, coloring agents, antioxidants and biopolymers, etc. that we integrate and use in our everyday products.
Fermentalg, a patented technology dedicated to our day-to-day needs.
The technology developed by Fermentalg exploits the unique properties of microalgae to produce hydrocarbons which are molecules of interest used by many of the world's fastest-growing markets: human nutrition and animal feed, cosmetics, green chemistry and energy.

Libourne, FR
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Key People at Fermentalg

Pierre Calleja

Pierre Calleja

Chairman and CEO and Founder
Brice Bourdenx

Brice Bourdenx

Head of Analysis, Extraction and Purification
Paul Michalet

Paul Michalet

Head of Finance and Business Development
Patrice Garnier

Patrice Garnier

Head of Industrialization

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Libourne, FR

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