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Faiveley Transport, formerly Faiveley, is an international manufacturer and supplier of equipment for the railway industry founded in 1919. It introduced the single-arm pantograph in 1955. The company has subsidiaries in more than 24 countries.HistoryFirst yearsIn 1919, Louis Faiveley founded in Saint Ouen, France, the Établissments Louis Faiveley, a small assembly shop centered on electromechanical parts. It soon grew and became one of the French railway system's leading suppliers. It introduced in 1923 its first pantograph. In 1930, it also ventured in the manufacture of door systems for trains. By the 30s, it was already one of France's leading companies in all its fields of activity. In 1935, the company became a Societé Anonyme, although the shares' majority stayed in hands of the Faiveley family.After the Second World War, the company quickly recovered. In 1946, it introduced electric heating systems. In 1955, it helped set a new high-speed train record, as a Faiveley-equipped train exceeded 331 kilometres per hour. That year, Faiveley also introduced the first single-arm pantograph. This innovation helped the company to ensure its position as world leader in railway pantograph systems.InternationalisationIn 1961, the company created a research and development division with the aim of adapting electronic applications to the railroad industry, included automatic door systems. It also begun to equipe the new rubber-wheeled Paris Metro cars. In 1965, the company started to produce automatic doors for buildings, creating in 1968 a subsidiary specifically for this area: Faiveley Automatismes.

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Faiveley Transport was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Gennevilliers, FR

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Gennevilliers, FR

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