In 2001, a group of former pharmacists and health care executives created Envision as the antidote to the traditional PBM business model. Privately held at the time, Envision pioneered the innovative, transparent “pass-through” pricing approach and developed the first technology to process and track rebates at the point of sale. Since then, we’ve become much more than a transparent PBM. A lot has changed since 2001, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our passion to create a visibly different, prescription benefit-focused, health care company. Over the years, we have built out our capabilities both organically, by launching new products and business lines, as well as through the acquisition of like-minded companies.
Twinsburg, US
Envision was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Twinsburg, US

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Envision has an office in Twinsburg
Twinsburg, US (HQ)
201 2181 E Aurora Rd

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Obama’s presidential library envisions a new purpose for public libraries

A crowd of 300 politicians and community leaders gathered at Chicago’s South Shore Cultural Center on Wednesday (May 3) to get a first peek at…

Doodle 4 Google winner envisions a happy future

It’s been a long week, and no doubt a downer for some of us. So if you need a dose of cheer, check out the latest Google Doodle. This adorable pic, showing a group of friends of different races, religions, and body types, is titled “A Peaceful Future.” It’s the work of Sarah Harrison, a 15-year-old …

Radar system envisions a safer future for self-driving cars

A Tel Aviv company has invented a new (old) solution for autonomous cars: radar. Currently, self-driving cars use cameras and sensors to detect objects and avoid collisions. Tesla, for example, uses radar in a limited capacity to see through weather at long range. But it uses it in combination with …

Trump wants to decimate Amtrak—but he envisions supersonic flights zipping across the country

So much for that infrastructure boost. Donald Trump’s 2018 budget slashes the Department of Transportation’s funding by 13% from this year to $16.2 billion. The…

RuPaul secretly got married, so now envision history's greatest wedding

Well, we all missed out of the party of the century. RuPaul secretly got married in January to his longtime boyfriend, Georges. He's a rancher whose property is so big it's in two different states.  They've been together since 1994, but decided to finally tie the knot on their 23rd anniversa…

Panasonic envisions autonomous cars with bubble-like cabins

Panasonic showed its concept car of the future at its CES 2017 press event. Since the cars will be autonomous, they won’t need to look or function like today’s vehicles. Instead, Panasonic believes the future car will be like a spacious cabin, where passengers sit inside a round bubble. The idea is …
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