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Daewoo Electronic Components is headquartered in Jeongeup, 3, Gongdan 2-gil, Korea (Republic of), and has 13 office locations.


Korea (Republic of)Jeongeup3, Gongdan 2-gil
United StatesCusseta1450 County Rd 177
United StatesCusseta1500 County Rd 177
ChinaShanghaiNo.33 WenGong Rd, Xinbang Industrial District
ChinaSuzhouNo 777, Kang Yuan Rd, Xiang Cheng Economic Development Zone
ChinaYancheng55 Laoshan South Rd, ECO-Tech Zone
Korea (Republic of)Daejeon62-4 Techno 1-ro, Yuseong-gu
Korea (Republic of)Gyeongju16, Gueo2sandan-ro 5-gil, Oedong-eup
Korea (Republic of)Gyeongju46, Mohwamunsan-gil, Oedong-eup
Korea (Republic of)Gyeongsan171 Gongdan 4-ro, Jillyang-eup
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