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FY, 2021

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Company summary

Biocept is a molecular oncology diagnostics company specializing in biomarker analysis of circulating tumor-associated DNA , both in Circulating Tumor Cells and in plasma (cell-free circulating tumor DNA). The Company's mission is to improve outcomes for cancer patients by advancing oncology diagnostics. Biocept utilizes patented and innovative technologies to deliver clinically relevant oncology diagnostics to physicians by providing advanced prognostic and predictive assessments for guiding the course of treating patients. Additionally, the Company offers services to other laboratory testing providers, academic institutions, research organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, and clinical trial support. Biocept's strategic focus is to promote its unique technology (CEE, cell enrichment and extraction) and family of laboratory tests (OncoCEE) to the Oncology Community. The CEE system has demonstrated that it can consistently capture extremely rare cells which may be present in only 1 of every 50-100 billion blood cells. Examples of these rare cells are circulating tumor cells in patients with early-stage, metastatic or recurrent cancers. Biocept provides products and services to detect and analyze these rare cells in order to provide information that physicians can use to make treatment decisions. The Company employs its unique laboratory tests through an offering of services to medical/surgical oncologists, pathologists, hospitals, cancer centers, universities, and pharmaceutical/clinical researchers.
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  • Samuel D. Riccitelli

    Samuel D. Riccitelli, Chairman, interim President and Chief Executive Officer

    • Michael Terry

      Michael Terry, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

    • David F. Hale

      David F. Hale, Board Member

      • Philippe Marchand

        Philippe Marchand, Chief Operating Officer

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