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Astellas Pharma Cybersecurity score


Make sure your suppliers maintain a strong cybersecurity posture. With Craft you can:

  • View suppliers' cybersecurity health aggregated from best-in-class data sources - all within one platform.
  • Contextualize suppliers' cybersecurity scores with industry benchmarks to gauge risk levels.
  • Use Craft Alerts to get notified in real-time when there is a change in cybersecurity risk.
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Cybersecurity Score

Cybersecurity Score


Security Score Card
Astellas Pharma Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO)

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership provides users with a comprehensive view into the beneficial owners and entities within an organization. Use Craft's UBO to:

  • Enhance due diligence efforts as you contract with new suppliers and monitor your current network.
  • Understand if and how your entire value chain is intertwined with blocklisted entities.
  • Actively monitor both risk and opportunity when mergers & acquisitions occur.
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