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Headquartered in Indianapolis, Angie's List helps consumers find detailed reviews for over 720 different service providers, some of which include roofers, plumbers, dentists and more! Well over 3 million members check Angie’s List before they hire any type of service provider. Our reviews come from real people like you, not anonymous users. We also have live support to assist if there is an issue with the service provider. Check Angie's List before you hire!
Indianapolis, US
1,730 (est)-6%
Angie's List was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, US

Key People at Angie's List

J. Mark Howell

J. Mark Howell

Chief Operating Officer
Steven Kapner

Steven Kapner

Member, Board of Directors
Chuck Hundt

Chuck Hundt

Interim Chief Financial Officer
Angie Hicks

Angie Hicks

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
William S. Oesterle

William S. Oesterle

Co-founder & CEO
Michael Rutz

Michael Rutz

Vice President of Sales

Angie's List Locations

Indianapolis, US
Denver, US
Cincinnati, US
Atlanta, US
Orlando, US
Austin, US
New York, US
Chicago, US
Pittsburgh, US
Los Angeles, US
Dallas, US
Seattle, US
Phoenix, US

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Market capitalization

$531 M

Closing share price

Angie's List's latest market capitalization is $531 M.

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