Wells Fargo (WFC) stock price, revenue, and financials

Wells Fargo market cap is $99.1 b, and annual revenue was $85.06 b in FY 2019

$99.1 B

WFC Mkt cap, 22-May-2020

$17.7 B

Wells Fargo Revenue Q1, 2020
Wells Fargo Gross profit (Q1, 2020)17.5 B
Wells Fargo Gross profit margin (Q1, 2020), %98.5%
Wells Fargo Net income (Q1, 2020)505 M
Wells Fargo Cash, 31-Mar-202022.7 B
Wells Fargo EV406 B

Wells Fargo Revenue

Wells Fargo revenue was $85.06 b in FY, 2019

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Wells Fargo Revenue Breakdown

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Wells Fargo revenue breakdown by business segment: 17.8% from Wealth and Investment Management, 51.0% from Community Banking and 31.2% from Wholesale Banking

Wells Fargo Income Statement


USDFY, 2016FY, 2017FY, 2018FY, 2019



Revenue growth, %


Cost of goods sold


Gross profit


Gross profit Margin, %


Operating expense total


Depreciation and amortization


Interest expense


Pre tax profit


Income tax expense


Net Income




Wells Fargo Balance Sheet


USDFY, 2016FY, 2017FY, 2018FY, 2019



Accounts Receivable






Total Assets


Accounts Payable


Short-term debt


Long-term debt


Total Debt


Total Liabilities


Common Stock


Preferred Stock


Additional Paid-in Capital


Retained Earnings


Total Equity


Debt to Equity Ratio

1.8 x1.6 x1.7 x

Debt to Assets Ratio

0.2 x0.2 x0.2 x

Financial Leverage

9.6 x9.4 x9.6 x10.3 x

Wells Fargo Cash Flow


USDFY, 2016FY, 2017FY, 2018FY, 2019

Net Income


Depreciation and Amortization


Accounts Payable


Cash From Operating Activities


Cash From Investing Activities


Short-term Borrowings


Long-term Borrowings


Dividends Paid


Cash From Financing Activities


Net Change in Cash


Interest Paid


Income Taxes Paid


Wells Fargo Ratios

USDY, 2020


23.5 x

Financial Leverage

10.8 x

Wells Fargo Operating Metrics

Wells Fargo's Customers was reported to be 70 m in Q3, 2017.
Q1, 2016Q2, 2016Q3, 2016Q4, 2016Q1, 2017Q2, 2017Q3, 2017Q4, 2017Q1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018Q4, 2018Q1, 2019Q2, 2019Q3, 2019Q4, 2019

Assets Under Management (Wealth and Investment Management)

$481 b$484 b$498 b$482 b$481 b$487 b$496 b$504 b$497 b$494 b$483 b$466 b$476 b$495 b$503 b$509 b

Purchase Volume (Consumer Credit Card Portfolio)

$17.47 b$19.39 b$19.64 b$20.18 b$17.92 b$20 b$20.24 b$21.16 b$19.11 b$21.24 b$21.48 b$22.25 b$20.06 b$22.46 b$22.53 b$23.13 b

POS Transactions (Consumer Credit Card Portfolio)

256 m283 m296 m302 m271 m297 m306 m315 m286 m310 m319 m329 m299 m329 m337 m341 m

New Accounts (Consumer Credit Card Portfolio)

664.34 k680 k667 k319 k358 k395 k461 k378 k397 k423 k539 k449 k507 k498 k469 k366 k

POS Active Accounts (Consumer Credit Card Portfolio)

8.21 m8.47 m8.82 m8.81 m8.44 m8.56 m8.74 m8.76 m8.48 m8.60 m8.78 m8.88 m8.66 m8.83 m8.99 m9 m

Commercial Card Spend Volume (Wholesale Banking)

$6.30 b$6.60 b$6.80 b$6.90 b$7.20 b$7.60 b$7.60 b$7.80 b$8 b$8.20 b$8.20 b$8.60 b$8.50 b$8.70 b$8.80 b$8.80 b

Debit Card Purchase Volume (POS, Community Banking)

$72.40 b$76.40 b$76 b$78.40 b$75.70 b$80.60 b$80 b$83.10 b$81.90 b$87.50 b$87.50 b$89.80 b$86.60 b$93.20 b$92.60 b$95.20 b

Average Loans

$927.20 b$950.80 b$957.50 b$964.10 b$963.60 b$956.90 b$952.30 b$951.80 b$951 b$944.10 b$939.50 b$946.30 b$950.10 b$947.50 b$949.80 b$956.50 b

Period-end Loans

$947.30 b$957.20 b$961.30 b$967.60 b$958.40 b$957.40 b$951.90 b$956.80 b$947.30 b$944.30 b$942.30 b$953.10 b$948.20 b$949.90 b$954.90 b$962.30 b

Average Deposits

$1.22 t$1.24 t$1.26 t$1.28 t$1.30 t$1.30 t$1.31 t$1.31 t$1.30 t$1.27 t$1.27 t$1.27 t$1.26 t$1.27 t$1.29 t$1.32 t

Period-end Deposits

$1.24 t$1.25 t$1.28 t$1.31 t$1.33 t$1.31 t$1.31 t$1.34 t$1.30 t$1.27 t$1.27 t$1.29 t$1.26 t$1.29 t$1.31 t$1.32 t

Average Loans (Community Banking)

$484.30 b$485.70 b$489.20 b$488.10 b$482.70 b$477.20 b$473.50 b$473.50 b$470.50 b$463.80 b$460.90 b$459.70 b$458.20 b$457.70 b$459 b$462.50 b

Average Deposits (Community Banking)

$683 b$703.70 b$708 b$709.80 b$717.20 b$727.20 b$734.50 b$738.10 b$747.50 b$760.60 b$760.90 b$759.40 b$765.60 b$777.60 b$789.70 b$794.60 b

Average Loans (Wholesale Banking)

$429.80 b$451.40 b$454.30 b$461.50 b$466.30 b$464.90 b$463.80 b$463.50 b$465.10 b$464.70 b$462.80 b$470.20 b$476.50 b$474 b$474.30 b$476.50 b

Average Deposits (Wholesale Banking)

$428 b$425.80 b$441.20 b$459.20 b$466 b$463 b$463.40 b$465.70 b$446 b$414 b$413.60 b$421.60 b$409.80 b$410.40 b$422 b$447.40 b

Average Loans (Wealth and Investment Management)

$64.10 b$66.70 b$68.40 b$70 m$70.70 b$71.70 b$72.40 b$72.80 b$73.90 b$74.70 b$74.60 b$75.20 b$74.40 b$75 b$75.90 b$77.10 b

Average Deposits (Wealth and Investment Management)

$184.50 b$182.50 b$189.20 b$194.90 b$195.60 b$188.20 b$188.10 b$184.20 b$177.90 b$167.10 b$159.80 b$155.50 b$153.20 b$143.50 b$142.40 b$145 b

Real Estate 1-4 Family First Mortgage Portfolio

$274.73 b$277.16 b$278.69 b$275.58 b$274.63 b$276.57 b$280.17 b$284.05 b$282.66 b$283 b$284.27 b$285.07 b$284.55 b$286.43 b$290.60 b$293.85 b

Real Estate 1-4 Family Junior Lien Mortgage Portfolio

$51.32 b$49.77 b$48.11 b$46.24 b$44.33 b$42.75 b$41.15 b$39.71 b$37.92 b$36.54 b$35.33 b$34.40 b$33.10 b$32.07 b$30.84 b$29.51 b

Credit Card Outstandings

$33.14 b$34.14 b$34.99 b$36.70 b$34.74 b$35.31 b$36.25 b$37.98 b$36.10 b$36.68 b$37.81 b$39.03 b$38.28 b$38.82 b$39.63 b$41.01 b

Auto Outstandings (Indirect Consumer)

$57.83 b$59.18 b$60.21 b$59.86 b$58.23 b$56.01 b$53.72 b$51.83 b$48.20 b$46.42 b$44.95 b$44.01 b$43.92 b$44.66 b$46 b$47.26 b

Auto Outstandings (Direct Consumer)

$2.83 b$2.76 b$2.67 b$2.43 b$2.18 b$1.95 b$1.73 b$1.54 b$1.36 b$1.21 b$1.12 b$1.06 b$995 m$879 m$734 m$615 m

Auto Outstandings (Commercial)

$10.34 b$10.72 b$10.58 b$11.28 b$11.75 b$11.49 b$10.99 b$11.37 b$11.04 b$10.89 b$10.66 b$11.28 b$11.09 b$10.97 b$10.56 b$10.74 b

Private Outstandings

$12.47 b$12.28 b$12.52 b$12.40 b$12.49 b$12.18 b$12.17 b$11.95 b$11.88 b$11.53 b$11.46 b$11.22 b$11.14 b$10.86 b$10.83 b$10.61 b

Period-end Deposits (Wholesale Banking)

$463.90 b$461 b$482.20 b$433.60 b$410 b$419.10 b$429.70 b$392.70 b$430.10 b$436.70 b$452.60 b

Period-end Deposits (Corporate Treasury)

$55.80 b$58.80 b$64.20 b$72.80 b$79 b$82.90 b$88.30 b$91.70 b$86.70 b$84.20 b$72.50 b

Period-end Deposits (Mortgage Escrow)

$26.90 b$26.20 b$21.60 b$22.80 b$25.60 b$24 b$19.10 b$21.10 b$25.10 b$29.20 b$23.10 b

Period-end Deposits (Consumer and Small Business Banking Deposits)

$759.20 b$760.70 b$768 b$774.50 b$754.30 b$740.60 b$749.10 b$758.50 b$746.50 b$758.40 b$774.40 b

Debit Card POS Transactions (Community Banking)

2.02 b2.03 b2.04 b1.96 b2.10 b2.09 b2.12 b2.07 b2.22 b2.24 b2.25 b2.17 b2.34 b2.34 b2.34 b

Branch and ATM Interactions (Community Banking)

393.30 m396.30 m382.70 m367.40 m379.90 m374.20 m364.30 m343.30 m351.40 m343.60 m336.80 m313.80 m327.30 m324.30 m315.10 m

Digital Secure Sessions (Community Banking)

1.37 b1.43 b1.43 b1.40 b1.44 b1.51 b1.55 b1.58 b1.68 b1.82 b1.85 b

POS Active Cards (Consumer Credit Cards)

7.80 m8 m7.70 m7.70 m7.80 m7.90 m7.70 m7.80 m7.90 m8 m8 m8 m8.10 m8.10 m

Primary Consumer Checking Customers

23.50 m23.60 m23.60 m23.60 m23.60 m23.70 m23.90 m24 m23.90 m23.90 m24.30 m24.30 m24.40 m

Total Digital Active Customers (Community Banking)

27.30 m28.10 m27.90 m27.80 m28.10 m28.80 m28.90 m29 m29.20 m

Bank Branches

5.98 k5.93 k5.86 k5.81 k5.75 k5.66 k5.52 k5.48 k5.44 k5.39 k5.35 k


69 m70 m70 m


8.80 k8.60 k8.60 k8.60 k8.50 k8.50 k8.40 k8.30 k8.20 k8.05 k7.95 k7.80 k7.70 k7.60 k7.50 k7.40 k


13 k13 k13 k13 k13 k13 k13 k13 k13 k13 k13 k13 k13 k13 k13 k13 k

Mobile Communication Customers

27.20 m27.40 m27.40 m27.40 m28.10 m27.90 m27.80 m28.10 m28.80 m28.90 m29 m29.20 m29.80 m30 m30.20 m30.30 m

Mobile Active Users

17.70 m18 m18.80 m19.60 m20.30 m20.40 m20.90 m21.20 m21.80 m22 m22.50 m22.80 m23.30 m23.70 m24.20 m24.40 m

Customers (Wells Fargo Auto)

3 m

Auto Dealers (Wells Fargo Auto)

11 k

Wells Fargo Sustainability Metrics

 FY, 2018

Waste Recycled

54.03 k short tons

Volunteer Hours

78 k

Total Waste Landfilled

34.95 k short tons

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Scope 3, Business Travel)

93.82 k metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Scope 2, Location-Based)

833.20 k metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Scope 1)

95.32 k metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent

Energy Used (Purchased Electricity)

1.88 m MWh

Energy Used (Natural Gas)

394.10 k MWh

Energy Used (Fuel and Other)

24.02 k MWh

Energy Used (Electricity, Onsite Solar)

1.03 k MWh

Energy Used (District Heating)

13.14 k MWh

Energy Used (Chilled Water)

255 MWh

Clean Paper Recycled

46.96 k short tons

Wells Fargo Human Capital

Job Roles

Q3, 2015Jun, 2015
Male (Engineers), percent76 %76 %
Female (Engineers), percent24 %24 %

Wells Fargo Employee Rating

3.622938 votes
Culture & Values
Work/Life Balance
Senior Management
Salary & Benefits
Career Opportunities