£10.5 M

Warings Furniture Revenue FY, 2016
Warings Furniture Gross profit (FY, 2016)1.6 M
Warings Furniture Gross profit margin (FY, 2016), %15.6%
Warings Furniture Net income (FY, 2016)417 K
Warings Furniture EBITDA (FY, 2016)783.6 K
Warings Furniture EBIT (FY, 2016)597 K
Warings Furniture Cash, 31-Dec-201646.1 K

Warings Furniture Revenue

Warings Furniture revenue was £10.50 m in FY, 2016

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Warings Furniture Funding

Summary Metrics

Founding Date


Warings Furniture Income Statement


GBPFY, 2012FY, 2013FY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016


4.8 m6.1 m8.5 m9.5 m10.5 m

Revenue growth, %


Cost of goods sold

3.8 m5.1 m7.1 m8 m8.9 m

Gross profit

997.2 k1 m1.4 m1.5 m1.6 m

Gross profit Margin, %


Operating expense total

698.7 k726.5 k864.2 k888.8 k1 m


404 k428.3 k697.2 k713.2 k783.6 k

EBITDA margin, %



298.5 k320 k548.7 k562.3 k597 k

EBIT margin, %


Pre tax profit

284.2 k300.5 k518.6 k522.3 k547.2 k

Income tax expense

(63.9 k)(69.6 k)(119.3 k)(111.5 k)(130.2 k)

Net Income

220.3 k230.9 k399.3 k410.7 k417 k

Warings Furniture Balance Sheet


GBPFY, 2003FY, 2004FY, 2005FY, 2006FY, 2007FY, 2008FY, 2009FY, 2010FY, 2011FY, 2012FY, 2013FY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016


135 k114 k20.6 k19.4 k246.8 k117.1 k44.1 k41.7 k28.1 k106.5 k30.1 k10.5 k20.1 k46.1 k

Accounts Receivable

286.7 k567.8 k576.5 k473.6 k595.4 k570 k643.6 k673 k1.2 m824.8 k1.7 m999.8 k


163.4 k208.1 k211.8 k296.5 k454.4 k546 k502.5 k547.6 k880.9 k758 k1.4 m1.3 m1.5 m1.4 m

Current Assets

379.4 k596.7 k519.2 k883.7 k1.3 m1.1 m1.2 m1.2 m1.6 m1.5 m2.7 m2.1 m3.3 m2.5 m


71.1 k71.2 k81.7 k115.5 k144.8 k165.2 k109.5 k96.2 k668.1 k715 k991.6 k1 m971.7 k1.5 m

Total Assets

516.2 k726.5 k652.4 k1 m1.5 m1.3 m1.3 m1.3 m2.2 m2.3 m3.7 m3.2 m4.3 m4 m

Accounts Payable

349.5 k533.8 k775.6 k571.7 k391.4 k456.7 k1.1 m1.1 m842 k432.7 k1.1 m815.3 k

Current Liabilities

417.3 k488.9 k363 k552.1 k808.2 k639.7 k626.3 k523.3 k1.4 m1.4 m2.7 m1.9 m3 m2.5 m

Non-Current Liabilities

18.2 k16.1 k21.6 k38.4 k66.5 k27.7 k3.3 k16.3 k74.3 k43.2 k55.7 k149.3 k124.2 k478.2 k

Total Debt

13.5 k18.3 k32.6 k68 k219.1 k58 k310.9 k273.9 k1 m790.7 k988.4 k588.3 k

Total Liabilities

435.5 k505 k384.6 k590.5 k874.8 k667.4 k629.5 k539.6 k1.5 m1.4 m2.8 m2 m3.2 m2.9 m

Additional Paid-in Capital

1.5 k1.5 k1.5 k1.5 k1.5 k1.5 k1.5 k1.5 k1.5 k1.5 k1.5 k1.5 k1.5 k1.5 k

Retained Earnings

220.3 k79.4 k238.1 k114.4 k(43.5 k)

Total Equity

80.8 k221.6 k267.8 k453.1 k585 k664.8 k665.4 k745.5 k731.6 k852.6 k932.1 k1.2 m1.1 m1.1 m

Debt to Equity Ratio

0.1 x0 x0.1 x0.1 x0.3 x0.1 x0.4 x0.3 x1.1 x0.7 x0.9 x0.5 x

Debt to Assets Ratio

0 x0 x0 x0.1 x0.2 x0 x0.1 x0.1 x0.3 x0.2 x0.2 x0.1 x

Financial Leverage

6.4 x3.3 x2.4 x2.3 x2.5 x2 x1.9 x1.7 x3 x2.6 x4 x2.7 x3.8 x3.7 x

Warings Furniture Cash Flow


GBPFY, 2012FY, 2013FY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016

Net Income

220.3 k230.9 k399.3 k410.7 k417 k

Cash From Operating Activities

(581.4 k)466.1 k362.9 k1.4 m

Dividends Paid

151.5 k161.2 k296.4 k460.5 k

Cash From Financing Activities

44.2 k93.7 k(24.3 k)357.7 k

Net Change in Cash

(1.1 m)205.1 k(188 k)436.3 k

Income Taxes Paid

(69.6 k)(119.3 k)(111.5 k)

Warings Furniture Ratios

GBPY, 2016


0.5 x


0.1 x

Financial Leverage

3.7 x
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