Volkswagen (VOW.F) stock price, revenue, and financials

Volkswagen market cap is €71.9 b, and annual revenue was €230.68 b in FY 2017

€71.9 B

VOW.F Mkt cap, 16-Oct-2020

€55.2 B

Volkswagen Revenue Q3, 2018
Volkswagen Gross profit (Q3, 2018)10.2 B
Volkswagen Gross profit margin (Q3, 2018), %18.5%
Volkswagen Net income (Q3, 2018)2.8 B
Volkswagen EBIT (Q3, 2018)2.7 B
Volkswagen Cash, 30-Sept-201825.2 B
Volkswagen EV222.3 B

Volkswagen Revenue

Volkswagen revenue was €230.68 b in FY, 2017 which is a 6.2% year over year increase from the previous period.

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Volkswagen Revenue Breakdown

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Volkswagen revenue breakdown by business segment: 8.3% from Porsche Automotive , 6.3% from Skoda, 23.0% from Audi, 30.6% from Volkswagen Passenger Cars , 12.2% from Volkswagen Financial Services and 19.5% from Other

Volkswagen revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 26.9% from Asia-Pacific , 55.5% from Europe/Other markets, 13.8% from North America and 3.9% from Other

Volkswagen Income Statement


EURFY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017



Revenue growth, %


Cost of goods sold


Gross profit


Gross profit Margin, %


Sales and marketing expense


General and administrative expense


Operating expense total




EBIT margin, %


Interest expense


Interest income


Pre tax profit


Income tax expense


Net Income


Volkswagen Balance Sheet


EURFY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017



Accounts Receivable




Current Assets




Total Assets


Accounts Payable


Short-term debt


Current Liabilities


Long-term debt


Non-Current Liabilities


Total Debt


Total Liabilities


Common Stock


Additional Paid-in Capital


Retained Earnings


Total Equity


Debt to Equity Ratio

1.5 x1.6 x1.7 x1.5 x

Debt to Assets Ratio

0.4 x0.4 x0.4 x0.6 x

Financial Leverage

3.9 x4.3 x4.4 x2.4 x


EURQ1, 2015Q2, 2015Q3, 2015Q1, 2016Q2, 2016Q3, 2016Q1, 2017Q2, 2017Q3, 2017Q1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018





Current Assets




Total Assets


Accounts Payable


Short-term debt


Current Liabilities


Long-term debt


Non-Current Liabilities


Total Debt


Total Liabilities


Total Equity


Debt to Equity Ratio

1.6 x1.3 x1.5 x1.7 x1.7 x1.7 x1.7 x1.5 x1.5 x1.5 x1.5 x1.5 x

Debt to Assets Ratio

0.4 x0.3 x0.4 x0.4 x0.4 x0.4 x0.4 x0.4 x0.4 x0.4 x0.4 x0.4 x

Financial Leverage

4.2 x3.9 x4 x4.4 x4.5 x4.4 x4.4 x4 x3.9 x3.9 x3.9 x3.9 x

Volkswagen Cash Flow


EURFY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017

Depreciation and Amortization


Accounts Receivable




Cash From Operating Activities


Cash From Investing Activities


Long-term Borrowings


Dividends Paid


Cash From Financing Activities


Net Change in Cash



EURQ1, 2015Q2, 2015Q3, 2015Q1, 2016Q2, 2016Q3, 2016Q1, 2017Q2, 2017Q3, 2017Q1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018

Depreciation and Amortization


Accounts Receivable




Cash From Operating Activities


Cash From Investing Activities


Cash From Financing Activities


Net Change in Cash


Volkswagen Ratios

EURFY, 2014




1.5 x


0.4 x

Financial Leverage

3.9 x

Volkswagen Operating Metrics

Volkswagen's Vehicles Produced was reported to be 8.2 m in Q3, 2018. Volkswagen's Vehicles Shipped was reported to be 8.1 m in Q3, 2018.
FY, 2014Q1, 2015Q2, 2015Q3, 2015FY, 2015Q1, 2016Q2, 2016Q3, 2016FY, 2016Q1, 2017Q2, 2017Q3, 2017FY, 2017Q1, 2018Q2, 2018Q3, 2018

Countries (VW Finincing Services)

51 51 51 51

Cusomer Financing (VW Financial Services)

5.56 m5.83 m5.42 m5.67 m

Customer Leasing (VW Financial Services)

2.27 m2.52 m3.49 m3.92 m

Customer of Service/ Insurance (VW Financial Services)

4.55 m4.88 m7.22 m7.64 m

Number of Contacts (VW Financial Services)

12.38 m13.23 m16.13 m17.23 m

Vehicle Produced (Audi), China

529.21 k490.26 k555.78 k552.74 k

Vehicle Produced (SKODA), China

277.14 k268.12 k327.86 k332.17 k

Vehicle Produced (VW Passenger), China

2.72 m2.66 m3.90 m4.04 m

Vehicle Produced (Volkswagen Group), China

3.53 m3.42 m3.01 m3.16 m

Vehicle Sales (Benteley)

11 k3 k5 k7 k11 k2 k5 k8 k11 k2 k5 k7 k11 k2 k5 k7 k

Vehicle Sales (Audi Brand)

1.44 m389 k784 k1.16 m1.53 m388 k799 k1.17 m1.53 m375 k783 k1.15 m1.53 m394 k812 k1.11 m

Vehicle Sales (MAN Commercial)

120 k22 k50 k74 k102 k23 k49 k74 k102 k25 k53 k80 k114 k31 k65 k98 k

Vehicle Sales (Porsche)

187 k51 k109 k169 k219 k59 k117 k177 k239 k57 k124 k180 k248 k61 k123 k190 k

Vehicle Sales (SEAT)

501 k138 k286 k404 k544 k127 k276 k400 k548 k148 k304 k436 k595 k167 k347 k462 k

Vehicle Sales (SKODA)

796 k217 k421 k605 k800 k207 k431 k606 k814 k252 k501 k700 k937 k256 k511 k698 k

Vehicle Sales (Scania)

80 k18 k38 k56 k78 k19 k41 k60 k83 k21 k44 k65 k92 k23 k47 k69 k

Vehicle Sales (Volkswagen Commercial)

442 k121 k231 k335 k456 k118 k231 k342 k478 k119 k244 k371 k498 k117 k248 k337 k

Vehicle Sales (Volkswagen Group China)

3.51 m963 k1.74 m2.49 m3.46 m980 k1.87 m2.80 m3.87 m971 k1.87 m2.92 m4.02 m1.04 m2 m3.02 m

Vehicle Sales (Volkswagen Passenger )

4.58 m1.12 m2.25 m3.34 m4.42 m1.07 m2.23 m3.23 m4.35 m862 k1.81 m2.63 m3.57 m912 k1.93 m2.75 m

Vehicles Delivered

10.14 m2.49 m5.04 m7.43 m9.93 m2.51 m5.12 m7.61 m10.30 m2.50 m5.16 m7.81 m10.74 m2.68 m5.52 m8.13 m

Vehicles Delivered (Asia-Pasific)

4.06 m1 m1.94 m2.88 m3.94 m1.05 m2.04 m3.09 m4.32 m973.66 k1.99 m3.13 m4.51 m1.09 m2.16 m3.30 m

Vehicles Delivered (Audi)

1.74 m1.80 m1.87 m1.88 m

Vehicles Delivered (Bentley)

11.02 k10.10 k11.02 k11.09 k

Vehicles Delivered (Europe, Other)

4.39 m1.13 m2.35 m3.42 m4.51 m1.15 m2.46 m3.09 m4.62 m1.19 m2.46 m3.56 m4.74 m1.24 m2.61 m4.68 m

Vehicles Delivered (Lamborhini)

3 k3 k3 k4 k

Vehicles Delivered (MAN Trucks, Buses, Light Commercial)

120 k102 k114 k102 k

Vehicles Delivered (North America)

893 k205.81 k451.24 k693.11 k932 k201.53 k444.14 k678.25 k939 k213.70 k461.41 k718.73 k976 k221.05 k465 k713.30 k

Vehicles Delivered (Porsche)

190 k225 k238 k246 k

Vehicles Delivered (SEAT)

391 k400 k409 k468 k

Vehicles Delivered (SKODA)

1.04 m1.06 m1.13 m1.20 m

Vehicles Delivered (Scania Truck, Buses)

80 k77 k81 k91 k

Vehicles Delivered (South America)

795 k152.79 k297.33 k439.74 k559 k110.31 k222.96 k274.67 k422 k121.81 k248.35 k389.74 k522 k128.66 k280.95 k436.46 k

Vehicles Delivered (Volkswagen Commercial)

447 k431 k478 k498 k

Vehicles Delivered (Volkswagen Passenger)

6.12 m5.82 m5.98 m6.23 m

Vehicles Produced

10.21 m2.72 m5.31 m7.44 m10.02 m2.56 m5.27 m7.65 m10.41 m2.74 m5.43 m8.04 m10.88 m2.73 m5.79 m8.18 m

Vehicles Produced (Audi A1)

115.38 k116.25 k105.25 k95.35 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi A3)

351.53 k370.14 k361.98 k313.38 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi A4)

328.47 k318.79 k358 k325.31 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi A5)

88.55 k35.51 k65.12 k119.60 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi A6)

307.69 k293.96 k276.21 k259.62 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi A7)

27.71 k29.16 k26.31 k16.97 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi A8)

39.56 k27.07 k24.18 k15.85 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi Q2)

67 19.42 k102.08 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi Q3)

200.10 k205.45 k231.45 k205.01 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi Q5)

260.85 k267.86 k297.75 k289.96 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi Q7)

61.01 k82.34 k103.34 k106.52 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi Q8/e-tron)


Vehicles Produced (Audi R8)

2.17 k2.07 k3.69 k3.18 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi TT)

17.62 k35.51 k26.89 k22.17 k

Vehicles Produced (Audi)

1.80 m1.83 m1.90 m1.88 m

Vehicles Produced (Bentley Bentayga)

96 5.59 k4.85 k

Vehicles Produced (Bentley Continental GT Convertible)

2.15 k2.22 k1.60 k1.47 k

Vehicles Produced (Bentley Continental GT Coupe)

3.44 k4 k2.27 k1.35 k

Vehicles Produced (Bentley Flying Spur)

4.56 k4.56 k1.73 k2.30 k

Vehicles Produced (Bentley Mulsanne)

884 919 628 595

Vehicles Produced (Bentley)

11.03 k10.89 k11.82 k10.55 k

Vehicles Produced (Ducati)

45.34 k55.55 k

Vehicles Produced (Lamborghini Aventador Coupe)

456 666 587 1.01 k

Vehicles Produced (Lamborghini Aventador Roadster)

654 413 573 248

Vehicles Produced (Lamborghini Huracan Coupe)

1.54 k2.56 k1.32 k1.82 k

Vehicles Produced (Lamborghini Huracan Spyder)

1.10 k827

Vehicles Produced (Lamborghini Urus)


Vehicles Produced (Lamborghini)

2.65 k3.71 k3.58 k4.06 k

Vehicles Produced (MAN Buses)

10.24 k11.66 k10.23 k10.89 k

Vehicles Produced (MAN Light Commercial)

3.89 k

Vehicles Produced (MAN Truck)

104.41 k90.58 k91.90 k100.78 k

Vehicles Produced (MAN Trucks, Buses, Light Commercial)

116.07 k100.83 k102.13 k115.56 k

Vehicles Produced (Porsche 718 Boxter/Cayman)

23.21 k21.98 k24.88 k26.43 k

Vehicles Produced (Porsche 911 Coupe/Cabriolet)

31.59 k31.37 k31.65 k33.82 k

Vehicles Produced (Porsche 918 Spyder)

545 375

Vehicles Produced (Porsche Cayenne)

66.01 k79.70 k71.69 k59.07 k

Vehicles Produced (Porsche Macan)

59.36 k86.02 k97.18 k98.76 k

Vehicles Produced (Porsche Panamera)

22.38 k15.06 k14.22 k37.61 k

Vehicles Produced (Porsche)

203.10 k234.50 k239.62 k255.68 k

Vehicles Produced (SEAT Alhambra)

22.61 k27.93 k31.21 k33.64 k

Vehicles Produced (SEAT Arona)

17.53 k

Vehicles Produced (SEAT Ateca)

35.83 k77.48 k

Vehicles Produced (SEAT Ibiza)

153.63 k160.45 k149.99 k160.38 k

Vehicles Produced (SEAT Leon)

157.09 k169.46 k163.23 k163.31 k

Vehicles Produced (SEAT Mii)

25.85 k24.52 k18.72 k13.83 k

Vehicles Produced (SEAT Toledo)

35.68 k32.73 k18.03 k13.15 k

Vehicles Produced (SEAT)

394.86 k415.08 k417.01 k479.30 k

Vehicles Produced (SKODA Citigo)

41.97 k41.28 k41.25 k38.75 k

Vehicles Produced (SKODA Fabia)

162.95 k195.35 k203.31 k209.47 k

Vehicles Produced (SKODA Karoq/Yeti)

107.08 k89.89 k95.42 k81.96 k

Vehicles Produced (SKODA Kodiaq)

1.17 k123.98 k

Vehicles Produced (SKODA Octavia)

397.43 k425.63 k445.42 k420.80 k

Vehicles Produced (SKODA Rapid)

228.18 k189.19 k216.60 k210 k

Vehicles Produced (SKODA Roomster)

29.98 k11.17 k

Vehicles Produced (SKODA Superb)

82.08 k84.55 k148.88 k147.10 k

Vehicles Produced (SKODA)

1.05 m1.04 m1.15 m1.23 m

Vehicles Produced (Scania Buses)

6.92 k6.96 k8.49 k8.33 k

Vehicles Produced (Scania Truck, Bus)

82.21 k79.35 k83.94 k95.78 k

Vehicles Produced (Scania Trucks)

75.29 k72.38 k75.45 k87.45 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Amarok)

69.70 k81.02 k63.37 k80.33 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Arteon/CC)

85.59 k56.80 k44.09 k37.97 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Atlas/Teramont)

386 129.72 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Beetle)

91.46 k64.04 k61.94 k59.48 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Bora)

226.01 k202.96 k236.43 k334.90 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Caddy Kombi)

76.56 k76.56 k86.84 k93.17 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Caddy)

71.54 k76.05 k71.76 k71.50 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Caravelle/Multivan, Kombi)

94.34 k96.34 k117.55 k115.55 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Crafter)

596 36.31 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Eos)

6.57 k4.56 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Fox)

106.99 k75.40 k50.27 k50.74 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Gol)

300.63 k192.84 k160.13 k203.15 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Golf)

1.01 m1.10 m982.50 k968.28 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Jetta/Sagitar)

926.28 k844.91 k968.14 k883.35 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Lamando)

3.08 k103.57 k146.29 k138.94 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Lavida)

481.74 k462.75 k547.19 k507.57 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Passat/Magotan)

747.58 k724.02 k711.88 k661 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Phaeton)

4.06 k2.92 k452

Vehicles Produced (VW Phideon)

5.13 k13.01 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Polo)

753.75 k754.55 k794.39 k755.51 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Santana)

295.49 k279.58 k312.18 k293.31 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Saveiro)

96.42 k75.40 k47.95 k66.43 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Scirocco)

23.57 k16.25 k11.96 k8.20 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Sharan)

49.50 k53.42 k41.95 k45.70 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Suran)

23.33 k24.69 k20.16 k21.09 k

Vehicles Produced (VW T-Roc)

22.72 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Tiguran)

515.35 k501.71 k548.69 k769.87 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Touareg)

63.74 k59.19 k47.50 k42.41 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Touran)

126.57 k120.51 k164.25 k144.68 k

Vehicles Produced (VW Transporter)

83.95 k82.51 k81.93 k92.88 k

Vehicles Produced (VW XLI)

106 59

Vehicles Produced (VW up!)

217.28 k172.35 k169.97 k158.80 k

Vehicles Produced (Volksvagen Commercial)

396.08 k410.13 k422.05 k489.74 k

Vehicles Produced (Volkswagen Passenger)

6.16 m5.90 m6.07 m6.32 m

Vehicles Shipped

10.22 m2.61 m5.09 m7.44 m10.01 m2.58 m5.20 m7.65 m10.39 m2.61 m5.27 m7.91 m10.78 m2.77 m5.58 m8.12 m

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