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Valuation App

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Valuation App serves as a portable tool for finance professionals who would like to perform complex calculations on the go, without resorting to their excel spreadsheets for available models. The app allows you to thoroughly analyze businesses and startups. Entrepreneurs and startups need no other tool. The valuation techniques used are on par with what’s used in the real world. Say goodbye to the complex calculations. Valuation App is a tool for entrepreneurs, investment bankers, investors and venture capitalists to perform complex calculations and valuation techniques, from their Android devices. There is no app on the Android marketplace that does what this app does. The app enables analysis, forecasting and projections of businesses and startups. Valuation techniques include Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Comparable Analysis or Relative Valuation, Precedent Transactions. The app is available for free with an in-app upgrade. The free version provides access to simple calculations, such as Beta, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Weighted Average Cost of Capital, (WACC), Free Cash Flows (FCF) and Time Value of Money (TVM). The full version,available as an in-app upgrade for $0.99, provides access to complex calculations and techniques.
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