Tilly's revenue

Tilly's revenue increased from $551 million in 2016 to $569 million in 2017, a 3.3% increase.

Annual Revenue ($)

Tilly's revenue was $568.95 m in FY, 2017 which is a 3.3% year over year increase from the previous period.

Quarterly Revenue ($)

FY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017
Revenue$495.84 m$518.29 m$550.99 m$568.95 m
Q2, 2015Q3, 2016Q1, 2017Q2, 2017Q3, 2017Q1, 2018Q2, 2018
Revenue$130.02 m$141.69 m$120.22 m$136.41 m$152.11 m$120.95 m$138.81 m

Annual Growth Rate (%)