€41.4 B

ThyssenKrupp Revenue FY, 2017
ThyssenKrupp Revenue growth (FY, 2016 - FY, 2017), %6%
ThyssenKrupp Gross profit (FY, 2017)7 B
ThyssenKrupp Gross profit margin (FY, 2017), %16.8%
ThyssenKrupp Net income (FY, 2017)-591 M
ThyssenKrupp EBIT (FY, 2017)1.2 B
ThyssenKrupp Cash, 30-Sep-20175.3 B
ThyssenKrupp EV14.9 B

ThyssenKrupp Revenue

ThyssenKrupp revenue was €41.45 b in FY, 2017 which is a 5.6% year over year increase from the previous period.

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ThyssenKrupp Revenue Breakdown

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ThyssenKrupp revenue breakdown by business segment: 17.2% from Steel Europe, 31.1% from Materials Services, 12.8% from Industrial Solutions, 17.8% from Elevator Technology, 17.6% from Components Technology and 3.5% from Other

ThyssenKrupp Income Statement


EURFY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017


41.2 b42.8 b39.3 b41.4 b

Revenue growth, %


Cost of goods sold

35 b35.9 b32.6 b34.5 b

Gross profit

6.2 b6.9 b6.6 b7 b

Gross profit Margin, %


Sales and marketing expense

2.9 b3 b2.9 b3 b

R&D expense

301 m330 m373 m383 m

General and administrative expense

2.2 b2.3 b2.4 b2.6 b

Operating expense total

5.6 b6 b5.8 b6.1 b


1.1 b954 m1.2 b1.2 b

EBIT margin, %


Interest expense

1.8 b1.8 b1.6 b1.2 b

Interest income

902 m1.3 b1 b776 m

Pre tax profit

243 m496 m652 m765 m

Income tax expense

(234 m)(217 m)(391 m)(495 m)

Net Income

195 m268 m261 m(591 m)

ThyssenKrupp Balance Sheet


EURFY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017


4 b4.5 b4.1 b5.3 b

Accounts Receivable

5.8 b5.1 b5 b5.7 b


7.5 b6.9 b6.3 b7 b

Current Assets

20.4 b19.5 b18.5 b20.5 b


8.7 b8.7 b8.9 b7.6 b

Total Assets

36.4 b35.7 b35.1 b35 b

Accounts Payable

4.9 b5 b5.1 b5.7 b

Short-term debt

1.1 b1.6 b1.5 b1.9 b

Current Liabilities

17.9 b17 b16.3 b17.1 b

Long-term debt

6.7 b6.4 b6.2 b5.3 b

Non-Current Liabilities

15.3 b15.3 b16.1 b14.5 b

Total Debt

7.7 b8 b7.6 b7.3 b

Total Liabilities

33.2 b32.4 b32.5 b31.6 b

Common Stock

1.4 b1.4 b1.4 b1.6 b

Additional Paid-in Capital

5.4 b5.4 b5.4 b6.7 b

Retained Earnings

(4.1 b)(4.1 b)(5.3 b)(5.4 b)

Total Equity

3.2 b3.3 b2.6 b3.4 b

Debt to Equity Ratio

2.4 x2.4 x2.9 x2.1 x

Debt to Assets Ratio

0.2 x0.2 x0.2 x0.2 x

Financial Leverage

11.4 x10.8 x13.4 x10.3 x

ThyssenKrupp Cash Flow


EURFY, 2014FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017

Net Income

195 m268 m261 m(591 m)

Depreciation and Amortization

1.2 b1.4 b1.1 b1.1 b

Accounts Receivable

636 m(475 m)87 m(767 m)


18 m311 m591 m(924 m)

Accounts Payable

432 m36 m105 m919 m

Cash From Operating Activities

903 m1.3 b1.4 b610 m

Cash From Investing Activities

(2.1 b)(638 m)(1.2 b)(121 m)

Cash From Financing Activities

(558 m)(78 m)(658 m)784 m

Net Change in Cash

139 m584 m(467 m)1.3 b

Interest Paid

(521 m)(443 m)(402 m)(321 m)

Income Taxes Paid

(345 m)(274 m)(322 m)(341 m)

ThyssenKrupp Ratios

EURY, 2017


12.9 x


24.5 x


261.9 k


2.1 x


0.2 x

Financial Leverage

10.3 x
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ThyssenKrupp Operating Metrics

FY, 2015FY, 2016FY, 2017Dec, 2017

Order Intake

€41.32 m€37.42 m€44.29 m

Patents and Patent Applications

17 k18 k19 k


77 78 79

Chemical Plants Built

2.50 k


2 k2 k

Operating Centers


Transactions per Day

150 m
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