3699.HK Stock Chart

Dalian Wanda Group was founded in 1988 and is engaged in three key business activities - commercial properties, culture, and finance. In 2015, its assets amounted to 634 billion yuan with revenue of 290.16 billion yuan. Wanda Commercial Properties is the world's largest real estate enterprise and the biggest five-star hotel owner in the world. Wanda Cultural Industry Group, meanwhile, is the largest cultural enterprise in China, and the world's largest cinema operator. It is also the world's biggest sports company. Elsewhere, Wanda Financial Group is the largest internet finance enterprise in China. By 2020, Wanda Group aims to become a world class multinational corporation with assets of $200 billion, market capitalization of $200 billion, revenue of $100 billion and net profits of $10 billion. Commercial Properties Wanda Commercial Properties (3699.HK) is the world's largest property company. By the end of 2015, its nationwide portfolio of 133 Wanda Plazas and 84 hotels has total lettable area of 26.32 million square meters. It is the only company in China to possess its own complete commercial real estate value chain, which spans commercial planning, hotel design and research, commercial property construction and commercial management subsidiaries. Cultural Industry Group Wanda Cultural Industry Group is China’s largest cultural enterprise, with assets of 90.3 billion yuan and annual revenue of 51.2 billion yuan in 2015. It owns four companies - film holdings, sports holdings, tourism holdings and children’s entertainment. This sector is gradually emerging as one of Wanda’s core businesses. By 2020, Wanda Cultural Industry Group aims to be ranked among the top five cultural companies in the world in terms of revenue. Financial Group Wanda Financial Group is a company involved in internet finance, investment, and insurance, providing one-stop innovative financial services to retailers and consumers.