UTMD Stock Chart

Utah Medical Products, Inc. (UTMD) is in the business of producing high-quality cost-effective medical devices that are predominantly proprietary, disposable and for hospital use. UTMD groups its sales into four general product categories: obstetrics, comprised of labor and delivery management tools for monitoring fetal and maternal well-being, for reducing risk in performing difficult delivery procedures and for improving clinician and patient safety; gynecology/ electrosurgery/ urology, comprised of tools for gynecological procedures associated primarily with cervical/ uterine disease including LETZ, endometrial tissue sampling, transvaginal uterine sonography, diagnostic laparoscopy, surgical contraception and other MIS procedures; specialty excision and incision tools; conservative urinary incontinence therapy devices; and urology surgical procedure devices; neonatal critical care, comprised of devices that provide developmentally-friendly care to the most critically ill babies, including providing vascular access, enteral feeding, administering vital fluids, oxygen therapy while maintaining a neutral thermal environment, providing protection and assisting in specialized applications; and blood pressure monitoring/ accessories/ other, comprised of specialized components as well as molded parts and assemblies sold on an OEM basis to other companies.