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In the 10 years since its establishment, the Sinopharm Group has developed into the largest distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and a leading supply chain service provider in the PRC. It embraces and operates the widest range of pharmaceutical product distribution and delivery networks. It has formed an integrated industrial chain consisting of pharmaceutical distribution, logistics and delivery, retail chains, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical reagents, medical devices, healthcare industry products and other related industry coordinated industry components.
In addition to its nationwide distribution network, Sinopharm Group is built on China National Pharmaceutical Group’s powerful pharmaceutical R & D platform and owns 9 industrial pharmaceutical companies. Among these companies is Shenzhen Zhijun Pharmaceutical, which produces antibiotics, anticancer drugs, cardiovascular drugs, medication, and various health care products. In terms of retail pharmacies, the Guoda Drugstore, which belongs to the Sinopharm Group, is the top pharmaceutical retail operator in China's pharmaceutical in terms of sales volume.