KBR Stock Chart

KBR is a company providing professional services, project delivery, and technologies. It operates through 3 core segments: Government Solutions, Technology Solutions, and Energy Solutions. The Government Services segment offers research and development, test and evaluation, systems integration and program management, operations support, maintenance, field logistics, and other support solutions to defense, space, aviation, and other programs and missions. The Technology Solutions segment combines proprietary technologies, equipment and catalyst supply, digital solutions and associated knowledge-based services into a global business for refining, petrochemicals, inorganic and specialty chemicals as well as gasification, syngas, ammonia, nitric acid, and fertilizers. The Energy Solutions segment provides project and program delivery capabilities as well as engineering services, front-end consulting and feasibility studies, sustaining capital construction, turnarounds, maintenance services, and more. The company also operates 2 non-core segments: Non-strategic Business and Other, which are engaged in project close-out, negotiation and settlement of claims, joint venture liquidation, and various other matters, as well as corporate expenses and selling, general and administrative expenses.