EWSI Stock Chart

E-Waste Systems, Inc. through its subsidiaries and affiliates, offers customized end-to-end solutions in IT Asset Recovery, E-Waste Management, and Electronics Reverse Logistics. EWSI offers multi-national WEEE-Directive standards of recycling and a secure asset recovery and end of life management services including management of customer's returns, refurbishment of still useful items, re-use/resale, and complete recycling services. Teaming with EWSI means having access to network affiliates, proprietary technologies, including the ePlant1000, eWasteCC, and eWasteTrack, and committing to the highest industry standards, including zero landfill and the highest tier of health and safety concerns. EWSI brings technology, regulatory knowledge, industry experience, and an interwoven supply chain solution for the proper handling of high-end electronics recycling, and electronic waste materials recovery and reuse on a global scale.