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Dottikon Es Holding manufactures and sells performance chemicals, intermediates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Company's chemicals and intermediates include amines, anilines, azaindoles, benzimidazoles, benzoic acid derivatives, benzyl compounds, boron building blocks, chiral compounds, cyclohexane derivatives, cyclopropyl building blocks, indazoles, indoles, N-heterocycles, nitrate esters, nitroaromatic compounds, O-heterocycles, phenols and anisoles, and pyridine building blocks. It also provides Dottisol, an isosorbide dimethyl ether for application as a solubility enhancer in cosmetics, and pharma and agro products, as well as a performance additive in various industries. Dottikon Es Holding also engages in the recycling and waste treatment activities.