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Cortex Business Solutions is a business to business network as a service that enables electronic invoicing. We reduce invoice processing times and costs through a simplified document exchange, using flexible connections and tools that leverage existing customer technology and processes. Only Cortex provides a network solution that can be adopted by any size business to enable the replacement of costly, time-consuming manual invoice processing with simple, transparent, streamlined automation. Cortex has an established reputation as a dependable partner for customers in many industry segments, including: oil & gas, mining, waste management, construction, sports, and entertainment. Each of these markets shares a common denominator of having complex procurement cycles, supported by costly, manual processes, which can be aided with our vertically agnostic system. Part of how Cortex defines itself lies in our desire to operate our core business in a socially responsible manner. We consider it a vital part of our company's existence to contribute to the creation of a better community, a cleaner environment, and a future for our people.