SpaceX has raised $3.2 b in total funding across 13 funding rounds for a $18.8 m valuation.

SpaceX Capital Raised

Source: Stanford Venture Capital Initiative

SpaceX Valuation

Source: Sharespost

SpaceX Funding Rounds Summary

SpaceX's latest funding round in March 2020 was reported to be $221.2 m. In total, SpaceX has raised $3.2 b. SpaceX's latest valuation is reported to be $18.8 m.

SpaceX Funding Rounds

DateAmount RaisedPost-money ValuationInvestors
Series ADec 2002$12.1 m$18.8 mFounders Fund
Series BMar 2005$22 m$70.5 m
Series CMar 2007$31.5 m$316.5 m
Series DAug 2008$20.4 m$544.5 mFounders Fund, Threshold, Rothenberg Ventures
Series EJun 2009$47.3 m$796.4 mScott Banister, DFJ Growth, Threshold, Elon Musk
Series FOct 2010$50.6 m$1 bFounders Fund, DFJ Growth, Threshold, Valor Equity Partners, Musket Research Associates
Series GJan 2015$1 b$10.1 bFounders Fund, 137 Ventures, DFJ Growth, Google, Fidelity Investments, Threshold, Valor Equity Partners, Capricorn Venture Partners
Series HNov 2017$452.3 m$21.3 bACE & Company, Ecosystem Ventures, Matthew Pritzker Company, M13, Equidate, Microventures, G Squared, Oakhouse Partners, Decacorn Capital, Zillow Group
Series IApr 2018$214 m$24.7 bFidelity Investments, Otter Rock Capital, The K Fund, 7percent Ventures, Hemisphere Ventures, TH Capital, ACE Capital, StraightPath Venture Partners, Aeon Family of Funds, Team in Residence
Series JJan 2019$273.2 m$28 bFounders Fund, 137 Ventures, Scott Banister, Rizvi Traverse Management, Fidelity Investments, Rothenberg Ventures, ACE & Company, Bill Lee, David Sacks, Valor Equity Partners, Sherpa Capital, Ecosystem Ventures, Barney Pell, Matthew Pritzker Company, Musket Research Associates, Tao Capital Partners, DBL Partners, Michael Cheung, Otter Rock Capital, Syren Capital Advisors, The K Fund, 7percent Ventures, Troy Capital Partners, M13, Seed-Resolute, Microventures, Alphabet, G Squared, Peter Diamandis, Oakhouse Partners, Craft Ventures, Hemisphere Ventures, All Blue Capital, Bracket Capital, Threshold Ventures, Decacorn Capital, StraightPath Venture Partners, Zillow Group, Aeon Family of Funds, Team in Residence, ADIT Ventures, GC1 Ventures, Ernest H. Pomerantz, Lord Rothschild
Series KMay 2019$500 m$32.3 bBaillie Gifford, FoundersX Ventures, Gigafund
Series LJun 2019$314 m$34.1 bVanedge Capital, Space Angels, #adm VENTURES, Manhattan Venture Partners, Gigafund, Ontario Teachers' Penion Plan
GrantOct 2019$3 mNASA
Series MMar 2020$221.2 m$36.1 b

Source: Stanford Venture Capital Initiative, Sharespost

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