Scotiabank (BNS.TO) stock price, revenue, and financials

Scotiabank market cap is C$94.7 b, and annual revenue was C$43.73 b in FY 2020

C$94.7 B

BNS.TO Mkt cap, 07-Apr-2021

C$43.7 B

Scotiabank Revenue FY, 2020
Scotiabank Revenue growth (FY, 2019 - FY, 2020), %(6%)
Scotiabank Gross profit (FY, 2020)31.3 B
Scotiabank Gross profit margin (FY, 2020), %71.7%
Scotiabank Net income (FY, 2020)6.9 B
Scotiabank Cash, 31-Oct-202076.5 B
Scotiabank EV25.6 B

Scotiabank Revenue

Scotiabank revenue was C$43.73 b in FY, 2020 which is a 6.2% year over year decrease from the previous period.

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Scotiabank Revenue Breakdown

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Scotiabank revenue breakdown by business segment: 14.6% from Global Wealth Management, 17.2% from Global Banking and Markets, 34.5% from International Banking, 32.9% from Canadian Banking and 0.8% from Other

Scotiabank revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 7.6% from Mexico, 53.0% from Canada, 7.9% from Caribbean and Central America, 7.4% from Peru, 6.6% from Other International, 6.7% from Chile, 6.8% from United States and 4.0% from Other

Scotiabank Income Statement


CADFY, 2018FY, 2019FY, 2020



Revenue growth, %


Cost of goods sold


Gross profit


Gross profit Margin, %


Operating expense total


Depreciation and amortization


Pre tax profit


Income tax expense


Net Income



Scotiabank Cash Flow


CADFY, 2018FY, 2019FY, 2020

Net Income


Depreciation and Amortization


Accounts Receivable


Accounts Payable


Cash From Operating Activities


Purchases of PP&E


Cash From Investing Activities


Long-term Borrowings


Dividends Paid


Cash From Financing Activities


Net Change in Cash


Interest Paid


Income Taxes Paid


Scotiabank Ratios

CADQ1, 2018




0.1 x

Financial Leverage

15.1 x

P/E Ratio


Scotiabank Operating Metrics

Scotiabank's Total Loans was reported to be C$603.3b in Q4, 2020. Scotiabank's Assets Under Management was reported to be C$291.7b in Q4, 2020. Scotiabank's Total Deposits was reported to be C$750.8b in Q4, 2020. Scotiabank's Customers was reported to be 25 m in Q4, 2018.
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Total Loans

C$424.31 bC$439.92 bC$435.96 bC$451.05 bC$458.63 bC$476.55 bC$466.85 bC$472.8 bC$480.16 bC$477.35 bC$496.26 bC$498.56 bC$504.37 bC$503.2 bC$517.92 bC$548.6 bC$551.83 bC$566.11 bC$583.82 bC$589.24 bC$592.48 bC$592.28 bC$625.19 bC$613.35 bC$603.26 b

Total Deposits

C$554.02 bC$584.6 bC$575.28 bC$602.79 bC$600.92 bC$630.89 bC$609.31 bC$631.34 bC$611.88 bC$604.7 bC$628.21 bC$618.14 bC$625.37 bC$635.84 bC$640.64 bC$654.18 bC$676.53 bC$690.88 bC$712.28 bC$722.35 bC$733.39 bC$763.85 bC$797.69 bC$767.99 bC$750.84 b

Assets Under Management

C$164.82 bC$173.78 bC$176.8 bC$182.89 bC$179.01 bC$179 bC$179.41 bC$187.86 bC$192.7 bC$194 bC$204.96 bC$201.27 bC$206.68 bC$210.83 bC$213.11 bC$254.78 bC$282.22 bC$281.49 bC$297.17 bC$297.11 bC$301.63 bC$297.09 bC$277.99 bC$293.41 bC$291.7 b

Assets Under Administration

C$427.55 bC$440.79 bC$445.77 bC$459.85 bC$453.93 bC$452.56 bC$453.47 bC$464.93 bC$472.82 bC$469.61 bC$494.22 bC$481.08 bC$470.2 bC$470.94 bC$471.83 bC$483.2 bC$516.03 bC$521.93 bC$549.78 bC$547.86 bC$558.41 bC$553.88 bC$530.91 bC$558.39 bC$558.59 b

Assets Under Management (Canadian Banking)

C$124 bC$130 bC$134 bC$138 bC$135 bC$135 bC$137 bC$145 bC$145 bC$148 bC$155 bC$153 bC$155 bC$158 bC$157 bC$197 bC$225 bC$225 bC$239 bC$240 bC$243 b

Assets Under Administration (Canadian Banking)

C$296 bC$305 bC$312 bC$315 bC$310 bC$304 bC$310 bC$316 bC$318 bC$324 bC$336 bC$331 bC$315 bC$319 bC$316 bC$321 bC$355 bC$360 bC$381 bC$382 bC$386 b

Assets Under Management (International Banking)

C$41.13 bC$43.56 bC$47.29 bC$52.55 bC$58 bC$59 b

Assets Under Administration (International Banking)

C$71.59 bC$80.61 bC$85.89 bC$88.19 bC$89 bC$161 b

Bank Branches

3.29 k3.27 k3.24 k3.21 k3.18 k3.16 k3.15 k3.13 k3.11 k3.08 k3.06 k3.02 k3 k3 k2.98 k2.96 k3.1 k3.08 k3.15 k3.13 k3.11 k3.05 k2.95 k2.91 k2.62 k


21 m23 m23 m24 m25 m


8.73 k8.19 k8.14 k8.14 k9.03 k9.39 k5.2 k

Assets Under Administration (Global Wealth Management)

C$497 bC$477 bC$503 bC$502 b

Assets Under Management (Global Wealth Management)

C$298 bC$278 bC$293 bC$292 b