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San Francisco, US
Rune is headquartered in San Francisco, US

Rune Office Locations

Rune has an office in San Francisco
San Francisco, US (HQ)
2702 268 Bush St

Rune Data and Metrics

Rune's employees are reported to be approximately 100% male
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Rune News and Updates

Rune: Ragnarok is Human Head’s return to Norse mythology after 17 years

Human Head Studios is back with a sequel to one of its first games. The company announced Rune: Ragnarok today, which is the followup to its 2000 PC action-adventure Rune. Like the original, Rune: Ragnarok will take place in a world of Norse mythology. This updated take will have a heavier focus on …

Classic MMO RuneScape is coming to mobile

An online game that first debuted on browsers is now making its way to a smaller screen. RuneScape, in both its modern and classic iterations, is coming to mobile. RuneScape studio Jagex announced that Old School RuneScape will be coming to mobile and tablet devices this winter. Regular RuneScape wi…

RuneScape developer reflects on 15 years of making games

Few games from the turn of the century are still around. Sure, the Mario and Halo franchises are doing just fine, but they have done so through multiple sequels and expensive marketing budgets. The massively multiplayer online role-playing game RuneScape, however, has survived and thrived by helping…

RuneScape maker Jagex and Improbable partner to create massive open world games

Just a few days after raising $502 million from SoftBank, Improbable has announced an alliance to develop big online game worlds with Jagex, the maker of fantasy role-playing online game RuneScape. Jagex will use Improbable’s SpatialOS, an operating system built for the era of cloud computing and bi…

Predictive analytics startup Runecast raises €1.6 million

Czech/UK predictive analytics startup Runecast has raised a seed round of €1.6 million from Credo Ventures and Limerock Fund Manager. The startup provides real-time monitoring and predictive analytics for VMware environments to enhance security and reduce any downtime. Customers include Verizon Wire…

Jagex creates Runescape audio adventure with Amazon Alexa

Alexa, Play RuneScape. Fantasy role-playing game maker Jagex has created an exclusive audio adventure based on its popular RuneScape PC game for Amazon’s Alexa voice-based intelligent personal assistant. Jagex created a quest dubbed RuneScape Quests: One Piercing Note, which is an audio game based o…
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