The best way to get started with Rune is to jump right in. Visit a site that has Rune enabled, highlight text of your choice, annotate with text/emojis/GIFs and share the link to your rune or share your rune on social media. You'll know you've found Rune when you see the magic wand.
Find runes left by friends and people you follow on social networks on the articles you read. Click their chat head to reveal what they've highlighted. Click their highlights and discover their runes...if they haven't vanished yet.
Login with your social account to unlock more runes.
Manage your runes, see trending runes from people you follow, get notifications when your runes are shared, when you are followed on your social accounts and when your runes are featured on publisher sites.

San Francisco, US
Rune is headquartered in San Francisco, US

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Rune has office in San Francisco
San Francisco, US

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