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Annual Revenue (£)

Rps Group revenue was £476.1 m in FY, 2021

FY, 2018FY, 2019FY, 2020FY, 2021
Revenue£637.38 m£612.6 m£542.1 m£476.1 m

Revenue Breakdown

Business Segment

Geographic Segment

Rps Group revenue breakdown by business segment: 15.0% from ENERGY SERVICES DIV'D, 22.0% from AUSTRALIA ASIA PASIFIC (AAP), 24.2% from CONSULTING - UK AND IRELAND, 18.3% from SERVICES - UK AND NETHERLANDS, 13.0% from NORWAY and 7.5% from NORTH AMERICA

Rps Group revenue breakdown by geographic segment: 35.9% from UNITED KINGDOM, 6.2% from IRELAND, 6.4% from NETHERLANDS, 24.2% from AUSTRALIA, 12.7% from UNITED STATES, 13.0% from NORWAY and 1.6% from Other

FY, 2018FY, 2021FY, 2019FY, 2020
ENERGY SERVICES DIV'D£113.07 k£71.5 k£120.1 k£89.5 k
AUSTRALIA ASIA PASIFIC (AAP)£123.02 k£104.7 k£104.8 k£114 k
CONSULTING - UK AND IRELAND£151.4 k£115.1 k£154.1 k£135.5 k
SERVICES - UK AND NETHERLANDS£120.8 k£87.3 k£109.4 k£96.6 k
NORWAY£69.81 k£61.9 k£65.3 k£57.8 k
NORTH AMERICA£59.3 k£35.6 k£58.9 k£48.7 k
FY, 2018FY, 2021FY, 2019FY, 2020
UNITED KINGDOM£242.71 k£171.1 k£232.4 k£190.9 k
IRELAND£33.16 k£29.3 k£38.3 k£34.4 k
NETHERLANDS£39 k£30.7 k£40.5 k£39.9 k
AUSTRALIA£138.74 k£115.2 k£123.4 k£128.6 k
UNITED STATES£94.12 k£60.4 k£97.5 k£81.1 k
CANADA£11.82 k£5.2 k£10.4 k£6.4 k
OTHER£4.1 k£2.3 k£3.9 k£3.1 k
NORWAY£73.75 k£61.9 k£66.2 k£57.7 k

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