Our contribution to Trickle Up Economics

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures has an uplifting post out called Trickle Up Economics

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures has an uplifting post out called Trickle Up Economics, proposing we:

lower the tax and other burdens on the lower and middle class, we invest in educating their children (and them), we make sure they have the skills to get good jobs in the economy of the future, and we make sure they have access to things like good transportation, safe neighborhoods, healthy food, quality health care services, etc that are required for them to be fully functioning citizens in our society.

Revolutionary right? This concept excites us and the specific area where we want to contribute is in the part about “good jobs in the economy of the future”; specifically helping people discover what those jobs are, where they are, and then get them.

Today, most sources of data about companies and exciting growth opportunities are targeted at investors. Mattermark, CBInsights, Pitchbook and a slew of others all charge between several hundred and several thousand dollars a month for access to their information. They focus on private companies, and on financing and other topics primarily of interest to investors. Furthermore, they are only accessible to elites who can purchase these subscriptions on their corporate account. As such, we think they are more a contributor to Trickle Down Economics than Trickle Up.

Craft is different from these apps in 3 main ways:

  1. In addition to financial metrics, we track talent metrics, operating metrics, and job openings. Our target audience is people deciding where to invest their human capital, not their financial capital;
  2. We track both private AND public companies. For all the hype and glamor around Startups, they make up a tiny proportion of the world’s employment opportunities;
  3. All our data and analytics are free.

In the Industrial era, the biggest weapon that labor had was Industrial Action. We believe, in the Digital era the most important weapon labor has is Access to Information. And that is what we are focused on providing, as widely as we possibly can.

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