Gender Diversity among U.S Venture Capital Investors

Note on methodology:

The following report is based on data collected in July/August 2016, using ‘Team’ pages of Venture Capital Funds as the primary source. The list of Venture Capital Funds was based on's VC100 ( We welcome your feedback, and if we made any mistakes in our analysis, please let us know!

We analysed 100 US Venture Capital Funds to explore the demographic profiles of their investment teams, focusing initially on Gender. The 100 venture funds have in total 1,058  investment professionals, of which 89% were male and slightly over 10% female. Four out of 100 firms had at least as many women as men on their teams. Click here to see the underlying data.

45 of the 100 firms had 100% male investment teams, while only one firm had a 100% female investment team.

We categorized Investment professionals into 2 categories - Senior Decision Makers (e.g. Managing Partner, CEO, President) and Mid-Level (Associate, Vice President, Principal). 13% of Mid-Level decision makers in Venture Investment teams are women, while this figure is 9% at a senior level of decision making.  

We are currently running similar analysis of European and UK venture funds and will be publishing those figures in the coming weeks.

Classification of Mid and Senior level Decision Makers:

  • Senior Level Decision Makers – Chairperson (6), Managing Partner (59), General Partner (161), Partner (167), CEO (8), Managing Director (122), President (5), Partner (298).

  • Mid-level Decision Makers –  Venture Partner (145), Vice President (22), Principal (65), Associate (117), Associate Partner (2), Director (5), Equity Partner (2), Executive Partner (6), Growth Partner (1), Head of Equity (1), Investment Manager (6), Investor (30).

Sources & Notes:

  • Our data was collected using the team's page of the selected Venture Fund’s website.

  • The data for this analysis was collated in July/August 2016. Please contact us at if there have been changes to the Investment teams since.

  • We analysed only investment professionals at the venture funds, and did not include professionals in Operational, Administrative and Legal roles.

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